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Breast Fat Grafting

breast fat grafting


With fat transfer, it is possible to have fat liposuctioned from your thighs or abdomen and then transferred to any area of your body. Re-injected fat lasts longer in larger areas of non-movement, so it is very successful for the correction of sunken cheeks because this area does not move as often. Fat transfer can also correct atrophic aging of the hands and post-surgical and post-traumatic defects.

How does Fat Grafting compare with Fillers?

Compared with fillers, fat grafting is considered a more natural way to replace lost volume. Whereas fillers are usually not permanent, fat grafting can last for many years. The amount of fillers that are required to ‘fill’ the entire face can also come to a costly sum, as compared to fat grafting which is more economically feasible.

Another advantage is that there is no risk of allergy or rejection by the body as you are grafting your body’s own fat. The procedure takes about 1 hr and is expertly performed by our consultant plastic surgeon. Collagen fillers may give a temporary improvement. They might however cause the appearance of thickening and nodules, like cysts on the face, which can be felt, and at times lumps that can be seen on the face. This is due to the stimulation of scar collagen that forms in response to the collagen fillers that is injected.

Liposuction Breast Augmentation - Fat Transfer to Breast

Young woman getting breast examination at the hospital

In order to proceed with fat transfer to breast, liposuction of a suitable amount of fats for harvesting is necessary. Our plastic surgeon would use Vaser Lipo to suck out a suitable amount of fats as injectables.

Vaser Liposuction, a machine that uses ultrasound waves to liquidise the fat, allowing us to remove fat cells while causing minimal damage to the harvested fats. Around two-and-a-half pints of fat are needed to boost the breasts by one cup size. Although it is considered safe to remove up to nine pints of fat in one liposuction session, the structure of a single breast would be unable to support much more than one-and-a quarter pints of liquid.

After the fat harvest, 50ml of the patient’s blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate cells known as platelets, which contain stem cells, which are mixed with harvested fat and injected into the breasts.

* Our Plastic Surgeon will assess if you are a good candidate for fat transfer. Some patients may not be suitable for this procedure if they do not have sufficient fat to begin with.

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