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Buttock Augmentation

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Youth is the time when the body is able to defy gravity when every part of the body stays upright. However, with the prolonged exposure to gravity and as age catches up, the body’s ability to keep every part still upright can be a challenge.

Perhaps you are looking to get the shape of your buttocks enhanced, so they look more youthful and beautiful? Shens Clinic offers you the chance to do that, thanks to the Brazilian butt lift procedure. This is an ideal solution for those who are reluctant to place a foreign object into their bodies but still want to fix loose skin and obtain a smoother silhouette.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift in Singapore? 

Buttocks are the main organs used for sitting down. This is also one of the most sensual organs that a human being has that could be used as an attractive feature for both genders.

 The Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a popular procedure for augmenting the buttocks without implants. It gives or brings back the youthful, prominent, perky buttocks, helping to create all the right curves to the right spot with minimal scarring. Unlike other types of procedures involving Brazilian butt lift surgery and butt lifting, this one does not require the use of silicone butt implants or fillers. All of the tissue that is inserted is the patient’s own tissue, which creates no risk for complications.

 Performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon or a skilled cosmetic surgeon, butt lift surgery is carried out on both women and men who no longer have their natural shape due to weight fluctuations or ageing, among other things. In many cases, it can remove excess skin. That being said, these candidates should be at a healthy weight for the best results. Cosmetic procedures like this one could help obtain an attractive, well-proportionate body.

 The treatment is named after the Brazilian buttocks because a lot of people see this as the ideal butt shape, even though not every Brazilian woman has it or wants to have it. When done by a skilled cosmetic surgeon in an accredited facility, it carries a smaller risk for complications and has a high success rate.

About butt augmentation surgery and surgical techniques 

In Singapore, the Brazilian butt lift surgery is the most natural way to augment the buttocks as it uses the body’s own fat stores. It addresses the issue of flat, sagging, asymmetrical, disproportionate buttocks. Without a doubt, the complex procedure has been a popular demand in recent years amongst men and women of all ages. 

At Shens Clinic, the BBL surgery is done with fat grafting. It is a treatment involving a combination of liposuction and fat transfer techniques, which is considered the more natural way to replace lost volume than, say, placement of silicone buttock implants.

The liposuction procedure is carried out with the 4D High Definition Vaser Liposuction, the safest and latest technology in liposuction treatments. Patients are usually put on intravenous sedation or given anaesthesia, so they are relaxed during the process. It consists of making small incisions into the desired areas where a thin cannula is introduced. This tube helps to suck up fat cells into a syringe or another device.

They are then transferred to a special machine where they are purified before injecting them into the buttocks, usually at the upper quadrant. This helps to obtain the optimal roundness and shape without it looking unnatural.

The areas for liposuction include the back (just above the buttocks), stomach and thigh. Just by completing this step, the body is already shaped up to the curvaceous look.

Now, the fat grafting procedure is done after the harvested fat has been processed carefully. It is used to contour the curves of the lower back leading to a pleasing waist and hip lines. Butt augmentation surgery with a fat transfer procedure is much safer than going for silicone implants or other butt implants. It has to be said that this is an outpatient procedure, and there is no hospital stay.

Advantages of fat grafting in Singapore

In Singapore, specialized fat transfer techniques have been used more often as of recent times for restoring lost volume to the face (facial rejuvenation), breast enhancement and buttocks enhancement. They can also be very cost-effective when combined with another aesthetic procedure.

Does buttock augmentation involve pain?

The liposuction procedure would be done under general anaesthesia in Singapore. There might be mild bruising and swelling, depending on the severity of the manipulation.

The treatment takes about an hour and is expertly performed by our consultant plastic surgeon in a surgical facility with impeccable hygiene.

Recovery time of buttock enhancement surgery

It takes about four weeks for Singapore patients to recuperate from buttock augmentation and start feeling like themselves again. We have noticed the majority of folks are ready to go back to work at this point. During the first days after the butt lift surgery, you will have to wear compression garments on those parts where fat removal occurred.

As for any special modifications during recovery, your doctor will be the judge of that. You should refrain from sitting on your buttocks for 14 days straight following a buttock lift. Otherwise, you could undo the results, which will make it unlikely that you enjoy enhanced low body proportions after your plastic surgery procedure. Don’t forget to follow your surgeon’s instructions strictly, and you will not have to worry about that.

Candidacy for butt enhancement surgery in Singapore

When you come to Shens Clinic for your butt lift procedures, an experienced surgeon will perform an exam to determine your suitability for the treatment. We would like to know whether you have had any recent medical or aesthetic surgery and infections, as well as if you lead a healthy lifestyle. It is important that you are at a stable weight and a non-smoker so that there are no additional health risks.

 But even if you meet those criteria, there is still one area where you need to qualify. You need to have a good amount of fat stores in different sections under your skin which will serve as harvest regions. Hence, it’s vital that you present with good skin laxity.

Risks and complications of buttock lift procedure

No surgical procedure is without risks. If someone says otherwise, they are not reliable, and you should look for another specialist for your aesthetic procedure. Of course, to reduce the incidents of complications, be sure to use the services of a certified aesthetic surgeon.

Among the common risks of Brazilian butt lift are bruising and fat embolism (when fat blocks a blood vessel). Your doctor of choice will elaborate on the matter in more detail, giving you the information you need based on your medical history.


Would you like to know more about butt lift surgery and speak to a plastic surgery specialist? At Shens Clinic, we are pleased to offer Tele-Consultation services with Dr Shens at $107 nett, via Zoom or WhatsApp from the comfort of your home. 

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