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Lateral Epicanthoplasty

Korean Style

Lateral Epicanthoplasty


Beautiful eyes are often determined by the extent of symmetry between the sizes of the sclera of the eyes (the white of the eyes) on the inner and outer aspects of the pupil. Among the patients of Asian descent, there are individuals, due to various composite reasons, who have small eyes as the outer aspect of the eye is being constricted and shorten.

There is a surgical procedure at Shens Clinic that can enhance the outer eye tails, and it is called lateral epicanthoplasty or outer corner extension.

An example of the eyes which can benefit from Lateral Epicanthoplasty procedure

Here are some of the distinct features:

  • Eye shape tilting upwards on the outer cantus
  • Smaller-looking eyes
  • The fold on the upper eyelid tapers downwards to the outer cantus
  • The outer corner of the eye is short
  • Only a minimal part of the sclera (the white of the eyes) can be seen

Many individuals of East Asian descent have eyes with eyelashes pointing downward, narrow palpebral fissure, and the superior palpebral fold of skin missing. With the epicanthic fold, also called the Mongolian fold, several skin folds cover the inner corner of the eye, making it appear smaller. Mongolian fold and the above-discussed features are commonly due to heredity, genetics and age. Aside from the inner part of the eye, the eye’s external corner might also be affected.

Lateral epicanthoplasty is one of the surgical procedures carried out at Shens Clinic to achieve overall harmony by enhancing the outer eye tail and revealing a larger aspect of the inner eye. This procedure helps patients to achieve larger and distinctly vivid eyes by extending the length of the outer corner of the eyes, medically known as the lateral canthus. The canthus accounts for either of the corners of the eyes. The term lateral, or outer cantus, commonly refer to the outer angle where the lower and upper eyelids meet, while the medial canthus is the inner angle.

The lateral epicanthoplasty procedure focuses on the outer tail of the eyes and may require the removal of excess skin and fat. Aside from the above, the procedure can also improve one’s facial proportions.

In most cases, patients tend to opt for the Lateral Epicanthoplasty procedure to perform together with the Korean Style Double Eyelid Creation to achieve a more harmonious visage. Our Plastic Surgeon, Dr Shens, will assess whether the patient is suitable for Lateral Epicanthoplasty.

*Every individual is different.

Corrective Surgery Procedure

Pre-surgical evaluation is performed before the lateral epicanthoplasty surgery. The width of the eyes is to be assessed, and pre-planning marks are made on the eyes to help guide the cosmetic surgeon during the corrective procedure. Patients are awake so they can communicate with the staff.  They receive local anaesthesia to keep the pain at bay.

No hospital stay is required, and the operation is completed in 30-45 minutes. Excess skin is removed as necessary. The patient can leave Shens Clinic on the same day.

Healing Process and Recovery Time

Patients can usually go back to work after 7 days. The cosmetic surgeon will remove the stitches after 7 days. Patients should prioritise their rest to ensure optimal recovery. Patients who have undergone surgery should refrain from participating in strenuous exercises such as heavy lifting.

Furthermore, it would help if you refrained from wearing contact lenses for three weeks post-op. You might want to apply a cold compress over the treatment area to reduce bruising and swelling.

  • The average downtime of epicanthoplasty surgery is *3 to 5 days.
  • For post-treatment, patients may experience minimal bruising and swelling with minimal discomfort in the outer canthus region.
  • Painkillers will be provided to help patients ease the discomfort and better manage pain after the lateral epicanthoplasty procedure.
  • Results are immediate, and on average, the final desired result of the procedure can be observed in *1 week.

Epicanthoplasty Singapore Cost

The price of Korean style epicanthoplasty in Singapore varies from clinic to clinic and is determined by a slew of factors. If paired with double eyelid surgery or another cosmetic procedure, it will tend to be more expensive. Contact Shens Clinic for more information on prices.

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