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Belt Lipectomy

Circumferential abdominoplasty

flat stomach lipoabdominoplasty

Baggy or loose skin can be present at times after a significant weight loss from exercising or bariatric surgery. Although the target weight is reached, the desired outlook of the whole weight loss has yet to be achieved. Our skin, especially with age, is difficult to regain its past glory. At this point, post-weight loss patients may feel frustrated and perplexed.

A belt lipectomy procedure, also known as truncal body lift or circumferential abdominoplasty, is considered an extensive tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) that removes loose hanging skin and fat from the circumference of the waist or the beltline, something that diet control cannot fix. This body contouring procedure goes around the sides to remove the loose skin or “love handle” that continues onto the lower back.

About the belt lipectomy in Singapore

The aesthetic plastic surgery will require the patient to be on their belly in order for the surgeon to commence the surgery work on the buttocks and lower back. Once the back is done, the body is turned onto the back, and the surgery continues with tummy tuck surgeries on the stomach or abdominal area.

This treatment is commonly carried out at a cosmetic surgery clinic and on an operating table. During the surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will be working to eliminate the excess fat deposits and skin. At the same time, several monitors will track down your blood pressure, heart, and oxygen levels in the blood.

Does the belt lipectomy procedure involve pain?

Body contouring surgeries can cause certain discomfort and take some time to heal. On the day of surgery, general anaesthesia is administered to the patient. Once the surgery is completed, there will be some discomfort, bruising and swelling. However, it can be controlled by the medications provided.

What to expect from the belt lipectomy procedure?

The belt lipectomy surgery normally takes around 3-4 hours. The operative time goes up if additional procedures are added to the treatment. With that, patients may take about 2 months to make a full recovery. *Two weeks after the surgery, patients can expect to continue with their daily activities. However, they would need to avoid strenuous activities like exercising or lifting. The removal of dressings and bandages will be done accordingly upon follow-ups.

Does insurance cover belt lipectomy?

In most cases, aesthetic plastic surgery that doesn’t aid in resolving a medical problem is not covered by medical insurance. The same applies to belt lipectomy in Singapore. Unless someone experiences major complications due to the amassed abdominal skin and fatty tissue, it will not go through with their insurance company.

This means that patients need to cover the belt lipectomy cost, including any surgeon fees, medical tests, anaesthesia fees, and medications. Now, the average cost of this relatively safe procedure can exceed $10,000 in some parts of the world. Feel free to have a consultation with our aesthetic plastic surgeon to find out how much the surgery would cost. Different payment options are available to cover cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Who makes a good candidate for belt lipectomy surgery?

This particular procedure is suitable for anyone who has undergone major weight loss. The best candidate for belt lipectomy surgery is an individual who has unwanted fat deposits in the midsection and is healthy in general. 

However, do reveal your full medical history to the surgeon during the consultation, as this would help the plastic surgeon understand your health condition and further advise you whether you can proceed with the surgery. Overall, good candidates belong to the following groups:

  • Individuals who failed at or unable to control their diet
  • Individuals who currently have excess fat and skin on the abdominal region, significant skin laxity and stretched abdominal muscles
  • Individuals who are close to their ideal weight but with additional skin and fat around the belly, buttocks, and hips
  • Individuals who have undergone massive weight loss (around 40% of their body weight)
  • Female individuals after multiple pregnancies
  • Massive weight loss following bariatric surgery (or other weight loss treatment) has resulted in excess skin in the abdominal region

Recovery time after belt lipectomy

The overall recovery time varies for everyone. On average, patients requires two months to make a full recovery. Hence, during the first few days post-surgery, patients can expect some pain and discomfort as the effects of the anaesthesia wears off. However, pain killers will be prescribed to the patient to help them manage the pain. During the recovery phase, it is recommended that patients wear the compression garment for six weeks to ensure a smoother recovery.

Hence, it is advisable that patients stay away from any forms of strenuous exercises and lifting as it may affect the healing process and draws further risk of complication from occurring.

Does a tummy tuck give you a flatter abdomen?

The answer is yes. The tummy tuck procedure will help to remove any excess skin and fat on the abdominal area, thus getting rid of the unwanted bulge or rolls. However, patients who have undergone this surgery would need to maintain a healthy weight with diet and exercise to maintain the post-operation result.

What should I wear after body lift surgery?

You are free to wear any clothing taking into account you keep your compression garment for the recommended time advised by the doctor. Once all excess skin and fat have been removed, you will need to let your body heal before you engage in any arduous physical activities.

Belt lipectomy vs tummy tuck

There is a difference between these two treatments. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, aims to address several problems based on the complexity and extent of the surgical procedure. A traditional tummy tuck removes fatty deposits and stretched skin from both the upper and lower abdomen and works on the abdominal muscles underneath to create a tight and slender appearance. The scar runs along from hip bone to hip bone.

With a mini tummy tuck, the main focus is on the area below the navel, so the lower abdomen only. The scar is much smaller and inconspicuous. Then, there is also an extended abdominoplasty which goes a little deeper than a regular abdominoplasty. It creates an extra midline scar and is more aggressive.

A belt lipectomy procedure, in essence, involves a tummy tuck as part of the cosmetic procedures. However, the belt lipectomy also involves other surgical techniques. With that, the incision reaches the buttock area in an attempt to fix thigh and buttock with saggy skin and excess fat. The surgery is not limited to just the abdominal region, but it also covers the thighs, outer thighs (thigh lift), buttocks, and back. This enhances body contour and shape immensely.

Does belt lipectomy give permanent results?

The outcome of body lift procedures is permanent, provided that the patient manages to maintain a healthy weight with the help of a diet and exercise. If they experience rapid weight gain or fluctuations, this may undo the results of the cosmetic surgery procedures. If weight gain occurs too fast, this could cause stretch marks and make one’s appearance less appealing. On the other hand, weight fluctuations will lead to excess and saggy skin.

Plastic surgery complications

A potential complication of belt lipectomy is infection. There may also be potential blood clots, nerve damage, and a delayed wound healing process. However, these complications tend to occur rarely.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to pick a certified clinic with outstanding medical practices and with an experienced surgeon who has performed the surgery numerous times. The above factors and following the medical staff’s post-operation instructions would help you reduce the risks of complications.

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