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Ear Lobe Repair

Ear Lobe Repair


About the procedure:
Earlobe repair surgery is done as an outpatient procedure with local anaesthesia. The skin lining of the tear or piercing tract will be cut and excess tissue will be removed if necessary. The lobes are then sutured back together and from this, the earlobes will usually be smaller than the original.

Earlobe repair surgery should only be done after the split earlobe wound fully heals or after a partial split. The procedure will take about an hour to complete, depending on the complexity of the situation.

Can the earlobe be pierced again after the repair?

Re-piercing of the earlobes is possible after the procedure is done although, it should not be done immediately after. Re-piercing should only be done after the earlobes have been fully healed, which is about a month to two.


Some discomfort is expected after the split earlobe repair is done and medication will be provided to ease the situation. Stitches will be removed after the swelling has gone down, which is approximate *one week later.

When the ears are ready to be re-pierced, it is advisable to choose lightweight earrings or ear studs and try to refrain from wearing loopy earrings.

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