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Fat Transfer To Buttocks

The Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat transfer to buttocks

In recent years, having fuller and rounder buttocks has been in the trend. We have seen an increase in women who are looking to achieve bigger glutes and hourglass body shape by hitting hard at the gym. However, the results are not always satisfactory. You may be asking why? In short, regular weight lifting can be exhausting.

With that, it may take years until you see improvement in your butts. The overall shape of your buttocks doesn’t only depend on how much you eat and how much you exercise, but it may also be due to your genetics.

That is why more and more ladies undergo plastic surgery that helps them to achieve the hourglass curvature. In fact, fat transfer to the buttocks (buttock lift) is one of the most popular procedures now.

What is fat transfer to buttocks?

It is a surgical procedure that involves both liposuction and fat transfer (fat grafting). Firstly, the cosmetic surgeon would perform liposuction on the patient to extract the unwanted or excess fat from the selected area of the body (for example, the hips, stomach, etc.). This method is considered a more natural way of volumising the buttocks as it uses the body’s stored fats instead of, says, a silicone buttocks implant. The extracted fat is further purified before injecting it into the buttocks, usually at the upper quadrant. This helps to obtain the optimal roundness and shape without it looking unnatural.

The great thing about the fat grafting technique is that it allows you to achieve fuller buttocks and eliminate fat tissues from areas that you are not satisfied with, hence improving your overall body shape.

Fat transfer to buttocks goes by different names such as Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL surgery), Safe Subcutaneous Buttock Augmentation (SSBA), Autologous fat transfer, etc. 

Fat transfer to buttocks procedure at Shens Clinic

4D Selective High Definition Liposuction

At Shens Clinic, the fat transfer procedure is carried out together with 4D Vaser High Definition liposuction of the areas such as the abdomen and the thighs. The surgeon will use a small instrument called a cannula to extract the fat. Shens Clinic utilises the finest and the latest cannula available in the market. Once the fatty tissue is removed, it will be purified and then inserted into the buttocks. The surgeon will finish the procedure by stitching the incisions.

Although the butt augmentation procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia, it may also be done with only local anaesthesia (numbing medication) when transferring a small volume of fat.

Some of the common contours on the buttocks that can be achieved are shown in the diagram below. The fat is harvested through a technique known as 4D Selective High Definition Liposuction. With that, our doctor injects these fats into the selected area, giving it a more lifted appearance.

Fat transfer to buttocks recovery

The recovery process after the fat grafting procedure is really important in terms of how successful the operation will be. When you first return home, the best thing to do is to take a rest. You are more likely to be sore during the first few days. You should avoid putting pressure on the butts because this may affect your results. It is recommended to avoid a sitting position for a minimum of 2 weeks and, if possible up to 4 weeks after surgery. You can sit only on a very soft pillow. When you are sleeping, try to sleep on your side and make sure you don’t lie on your back.

You will have to wear a compression garment for about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your surgeon recommendation. The compression usually helps minimise swelling and keeps the shape in the contour of the fat that has been transferred.

You will be advised to avoid any strenuous activity and heavy lifting for at least 1 month. After this time, you can start doing some light exercises and gradually increase the intensity.

An average recovery time for fat transfer to the buttocks is about 6 to 8 weeks. However, most people are able to return to work after 2 weeks. 

Fat transfer to buttocks side effects

Brazilian butt lift surgery may pose fewer risks than other cosmetic surgeries like butt augmentation with implants. However, the BBL procedure is still related to some serious side effects as with any type of surgery.

  • Seroma. It is a fluid collection underneath the fats in between your muscle and the fat after having a fat transfer to buttocks. It is usually not a serious side effect and can be easily treated by your doctor.
  • Infection. This complication may happen after any surgery. However, it is not so common for the Brazilian butt lift procedure. It happens in less than 1% of patients, and it is usually very treatable through antibiotics.
  • Fat necrosis. It means that some of the fat has died. This usually happens when the fat hasn’t received enough oxygen to survive in its new location. Fat necrosis is also not a serious condition.
  • Oil cyst. It happens much less frequently than fat necrosis. This is when the fat cells die and realises their contents forming a sac-like collection of greasy fluids. It can be treated by your surgeon.
  • Fat emboli. It is a dangerous condition, but thankfully it is not very common with fat transfer to buttocks. When the operation is done by a knowledgeable and experienced surgeon, there is minimal risk of fat embolism.
  • Blood clots. It is called deep vein thrombosis and can also be a serious condition. It occurs when the blood pressure drops and the blood flow slows, causing the blood to pool in your leg and collect. However, the blood clot is not very common with Brazilian butt lift surgery.

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