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Short Incision Facelift

Short Incision Facelift


Facelifts has been known to reduce the effects of aging on the face up to 10 years younger. At the beginning, facelifts are only used to tighten the skin on the face. Today however, facelifts are done to reposition the muscle, skin and fat. Like all incisional surgeries, facelift would leave a scar that would be visible for quite a period of time.

About short incision lift
Short incision facelift, also known as short scar facelift, is a method that is minimally invasive in restoring a younger appearance on the face. The good news for short incision facelift is, it takes a shorter time for recovery and the scars are hidden, giving the lifted face a natural look. Scarring after the facelift is also hidden along the hairline to the ear, making short incision facelift patients have a natural youthful look.

How is the procedure done?
Short incision facelift is done by creating small incisions along the hairline, all the way to the side of the ear. There are two types of short incision facelift; the Sub-Mascular Apneurotic System (SMAS) lift and the Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS). The SMAS lift corrects prematurely aging skin and slack muscles and the MACS lift suspends the facial skin, fat and muscles from above with a suturing technique.

What to expect of the procedure?
The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. The scars are a normal outcome of surgery, however, with the short incision lift, the scars are hidden. Bruising, swelling and a little discomfort will be felt, much like other surgeries but medication will be provided to control the situation.

It is recommended to have an adult accompany patient after the procedure, as patients are able to head home after the procedure.

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