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Motiva Joy Implants

Motiva Joy Implants by Shens Clinic


At Shens Clinic, we constantly strive to provide our patients with high-quality services and the most avant-garde technologies in the plastic surgery industry. We now have the pleasure of offering women who want to enhance their breasts an up-to-date, safer, and refined breast enhancement experience. As a Motiva breast implants provider, we are excited to be a part of Motiva's JOY program.

What is Motiva?

Motiva is a preeminent brand of breast augmentation devices. Breast implants by Motiva are specially designed to provide the most natural look and feel of the breasts. They also come with significantly improved safety characteristics when compared to regular silicone gel implants. With Motiva implants, you have a variety of options, programs, and technologies to choose from. JOY™ by Motiva is one of the newest developments by this brand.

Joy™ by Motiva

Joy™ by Motiva is a unique program specially created to provide ladies with first-rate breast enhancement experiences. It comes with the most up-to-date technology breast implants by Motiva called Ergonomix2.

What is unique about this breast implant device?

Ergonomix2 comes with some additional safety characteristics as well as a new formula (Motiva Supersilicones) for improved mechanical properties. The device is much softer and allows for more natural feelings and movements. In addition, the flexible implant's structure will enable surgeons to place them into the breasts with a shorter incision. This means quicker recovery and less scarring.

The Joy™ program offers a lifetime warranty against rupture and a 10-year warranty against capsular contracture. In addition, with the Motiva Warranty Program, you can receive financial aid if you choose to have your implants removed.

Breast augmentation using Motiva

types of motiva breast implnats

The Joy™ program by Motiva allows you to have a fully customized breast augmentation journey. You can achieve the exact outcomes you desire. The procedure can be tailored specifically to your goal and body measurements.

Joy™ by Motiva offers the unique Motiva MinimalScar technology, which allows you to have minimal incision breast augmentation. During the procedure, our specially trained plastic surgeon makes the tiniest possible incision to insert the implant. As a result, you will have smoother and faster recovery as well as smaller and less visible scars.

With Joy™ implants, you also have the option to combine them with purified fat grafts or, in other words, to use fat from other parts of your body to further shape your breasts. It's possible thanks to the special MotivaHybrid technology.

Incision Methods used

illustrations of the different motiva joy implant incision techniques

Plastic surgeons can use various incision methods in order to insert breast implants. Here are the options you have.


This is an approach where the surgeon makes a cut in the armpit to place the implant into the breast. The armpit incision is usually preferred by ladies who don't want to have visible scars on the breasts. One of the downsides of this method is that it is more likely to cause infection.

Under breast

With this method, the incision is located in the crease below the breast. This is one of the most commonly used approaches and has many advantages. The incision under the breast gives the surgeon good surgical access, which is a key to creating an accurate dimension implant pocket for inserting the implant and achieving good results.


It is a very popular type of incision. Through this method, the surgeon accesses the breast by making a cut around the bottom half of the areola. In the majority of cases, the scar is almost imperceptible because it is hidden beneath the areola. Some potential risks associated with the nipple incision technique are loss of nipple sensation and damage to the milk ducts.

Results to expect

horizontal and vertical position of motiva implants before and after implantation

Natural feel and touch

Ergonomix2 by Motiva is made of Progressive Ultima gel which adapts to body movement better than traditional silicone gels tested, resembling the flexibility of the natural tissue. In addition, it has a controlled advanced smooth surface which makes the implant feel and look very natural.

Minimal scarring

The Motiva Minimalscar technology, which can be combined with your Joy Motiva implants, provides you with the opportunity to get your breast augmentation procedure with a very small and tiny incision, resulting in a more comfortable recovery and almost imperceptible scars.

Minimal risk of complications

This next-generation implant has the one-of-a-kind Bluseal+ (Blue implant) technology. The "blue implant" has a visual safety barrier which has the lowest level of gel diffusion compared to other silicone gels examined.

Longer-lasting outcomes

All Motiva devices have a TrueMonoblock shell design, which not only makes them flexible but also stronger and longer-lasting. In addition, Motiva devices are less likely to cause complications such as ruptures, capsular contractures, BIA-ALCL, and so on, considerably reducing the chance of a revision breast augmentation.

Motiva Vs Motiva Joy - What are the Differences?

motiva smoothsilk/silksurface compared to traditional macrotextured implant
Motiva Motiva Joy
MaterialProgressiveGel Ultima - silicone gel which adapts to the natural movement of the bodyProgressiveGel Ultima – silicone gel which adapts to the natural movement;

Motiva SuperSilicones - high-strength silicone which provides enhanced ergonomy
TextureSmoothSilk/ SilkSurface - smooth surface that enhances biocompatibilitySmoothSilk/ SilkSurface – a smooth surface that improves biocompatibility
Look & FeelNatural look and feel thanks to the ProgressiveGel Ultima and SmoothSilk/ SilkSurface technologiesNatural look and feel thanks to the ProgressiveGel Ultima and SmoothSilk/ SilkSurface technologies
Safety featuresBluSeal – a protective barrier layer;
RFID-Enabled Implant (QiD) – it stores all information about the implant
BluSeal+ - the only device with a visual safety barrier which has the lowest level of gel diffusion;

RFID-Enabled Implant (QiD) - it stores all information about the implant;

TrueMonobloc+ - proprietary multi-layer system unifying the structure of the device allowing it to stretch without rupture;
easier placement using a smaller incision
Warranty programsAlways Confident Warranty - against rupture;

Product Replacement Policy – covers cases of Baker Grades III and IV;

2- or 5-year Extended Warranty – for rupture and capsular contracture
Always Confident Warranty - a lifetime warranty that covers cases of implant rupture;

Product Replacement Policy – covers cases of Baker Grades III and IV;

5-year Extended Warranty - for rupture and capsular contracture;

Financial aid for revision surgery;

Motiva Woman’s Choice Program - financial assistance for women who wish to reverse breast enhancement surgery, regardless of their reasons

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need more information about Joy™ by Motiva, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and book your consultation. Dr Shens is a registered JOY™ partner who carries Motiva Joy. He can answer all your questions about the program as well as design a procedure tailored for your needs and goals. You will also have the opportunity to see your visual stimulation via Crystalix software.

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