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Why Motiva breast implants are a better choice?

Why Motiva breast implants are a better choice?

“What we eat, we become.” So naturally what we put in our bodies play a part too.

Since we are naturally inclined to choose the juiciest looking apples in a basket, selecting what is best for our bodies should be a priority. Known for their state-of-the-art shell design that allows for a durable and sturdy breast implant. Having been made to be inserted into smaller incisions and coupled with exceptional elasticity, this ultra soft filling gel helps in maintaining the optimal shape and feel of the implants.

Adhering to US and European standards and patented technologies, Motiva’s engineers and staff have been in the breast aesthetics industry for more than 30 years in the US and abroad. Priding themselves on being “a boutique manufacturer of next generation breast implants” and through their partnership with the best minds in the industry, they continuously bring their customers “safety through innovation,” Motiva’s Sales Manager Olivier Tourniaire has been quoted saying.

With over 500 types of implants, Motiva enables women who choose their products to find one type that suits them best. In a simple step by step method, patients start by selecting the choice of surface and the desired shape to best suit them, keeping in mind the size, base and projection choices.

Traditionally the surfaces of breast implants have been manufactured either smooth or textured. In order to develop the textured surface, salt, sugar or other particles are projected on the implant shell. On the other hand, Motiva Implants® SilkSurfaceTM and VelvetSurfaceTM have unique surfaces that are acquired without the use of materials like salt and sugar which actually encourage a more natural combination between the implant and the surrounding tissue. This in turn also aids the adaptation process of the implant to the natural breast movements.

The more commonly known types of breast implants have either a round, oval or contoured shape and come in different sizes and projections. The traditional round implants have been used to give the impression of fullness while oval or teardrop shaped implants were created with mimicking the breasts’ natural shape in mind. The placement of the teardrop implants also necessitate a more advanced technique. For women who are after the most natural look, a new innovative advancement in implants would mean browsing through the Motiva Implants® ErgonomixTM line which would bear favourable results. Breast implants have caused surgeons much grief with the rotational problems they cause but not so with the ErgonomixTM line as they are made with the surgeon in mind too.

As with most procedures involving shape, the size, base and projections should be considered carefully so as to achieve the best possible aesthetically pleasing outcome. There are also a few other things to note in choosing the best possible implant type. Selecting a base that best determines the proportion. An eventual cleavage is another factor that should be considered too. The implant projection is instrumental in determining the fullness of the breasts while the volume is influential in determining the cup size.

The best part? Known for being meticulous with making the right implant choices for his clients, Dr Shens has had been exclusively hand-picked by a distributor of Motiva breast implants.

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