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Types of eyebags and how to treat them

Types of eyebags and how to treat them

Types Of Eyebags And How To Treat Them

Waking up with eyebags can be very troubling for any woman. Not only does it make one look haggard and sad, but it also makes one look much older than they really are. And being mistaken as older than their age can really hurt a woman’s self-esteem.

Eyebags are caused by the accumulation of fat under the eyes. Formation of eyebags could be due to stress, allergies, and aging. It can also be hereditary, meaning it is a part of the genes. Generally, Eyebags are classified into 3 types:

eyebags how to treat them

Type 1 Eyebags:

Type 1 eyebags are the least prominent type of eyebags, with only mild fat accumulation under the eyes. This type of eyebag formation is not noticeable, and can only be seen at certain angles. This is the easiest to treat with a simple filler can be done to camouflage the small eyebag. It is important to choose the right surgeon to inject the filler as well. Home remedies do not effectively help to treat even type 1 eyebags.


Type 2 Eyebags:

Type 2 eyebags are more prominent than type 1, and are much more noticeable when you look in the mirror. The accumulated fat under the eyes are enough to cause small semi-circles to form, affecting overall look and facial projection. Simple home treatment has little effect on this kind of eyebags and can only reduce the swelling by a little bit


Type 3 Eyebags:

Type 3 is the most prominent kind eyebags and the one that greatly lowers a person’s self-esteem. Large accumulation of fats under the eyes cause large semi-circles to form under the eyes, making them look overly swollen and sagging. This kind of eyebags can make people look much older and tired, affecting their overall appearance and facial projection Simple home remedies won’t have any a large effect on this kind of eyebags anymore as the puffiness is too much.


There are a number of ways to remove eye bags, but each have their own pros and cons. Here are some of the things you can use to get rid of eye bags:

Cream / Simple Home Remedies:

Using eye cream and other home remedies are often the first move taken by someone who wants to get rid of their eyebags. This is because this method of treatment is easily accessible and the least expensive method. However, it is also the least effective method and only work on certain kinds of eyebags.

Non-Surgical Method

Non-surgical method of removing eyebags uses heated needles or laser to “melt” the fat under the eyes. Because of this, it claims to have no scarring. This method is called “non-surgical” because it doesn’t involve surgically cutting the skin open and removing the fat. However, the heat from the needles used in this kind of operation can burn the skin, leaving pigment and even permanent scarring that cannot be removed.

The laser method also cause more swelling, which does more harm than good. And the melted fat can form Cysts known as fat necrotic lumps, which is visible on the lower eyelids. The only way to remove the Cysts is surgically.

Shen’s Scarless Eyebag Removal

Scarless Eyebag Removal by Dr. Shens is a highly effective method of removing all kinds of eyebags. It is a surgical procedure, but is geared towards ensuring that no visible scars appear after the procedure. The procedure involves making a very small incision within the lower eyelid to remove the accumulated fat. In the hands of an expert surgeon, the procedure would not take more than 20 minutes and will leave no external scars. The procedure doesn’t involve stitching, so there will be no stitches to remove after.

Removing eyebags greatly helps improve appearance and boosts self-esteem, but choosing the right treatment for your eyebags is important if you want to have the best and most effective result.

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