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ELIPSE™ - Swallowable Weight Loss Balloon

elipse weight loss balloon

Shens Clinic is excited to announce that we are one of the first few clinics in Southeast Asia and Singapore to offer Elipse™ – Swallowable Weight Loss Balloon. In short, Elipse is a game-changing weight loss device that matches your needs and helps them meet your weight loss expectations.

This swallowable weight loss balloon is specifically made for individuals who are 18 and above, overweight or obese, defined as a body mass index (BMI) ≥ 27. The Elipse Balloon can only be administered by a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable about the use of the Elipse Balloon.

What is the Elipse™ Balloon?

The Elipse™ Balloon is the first swallowable weight loss balloon that requires no surgery, endoscopy*, and anaesthesia. This soft balloon increases the feeling of fullness by occupying space in your stomach. Due to the reduction in hunger, you consume lesser during mealtimes, and this results in weight loss.

Why choose the Elipse™ Balloon?

The Elipse™ Balloon is proven to be effective in inducing weight loss. At approximately 16 weeks, you may expect to lose an average of around 10% to 15% of your initial body weight. If you sustain a healthy lifestyle, the weight loss can be maintained at the 12 months follow up or even longer.

How does it work?

The Elipse™ Balloon does not require any surgery, endoscopy*, or anaesthesia. The whole process takes around 20 minutes.

Contained within a capsule, the deflated balloon is attached to a thin tube called a catheter. You will be asked to swallow the capsule with water. Once swallowed, an X-ray will be conducted to make sure that the capsule is in place. The balloon will then be filled up with fluid via the catheter. A second X-ray will be conducted to make sure that the balloon is properly filled. Upon confirmation, the tube is gently detached from the balloon. The placement is considered complete.

After approximately 16 weeks, a time-activated release valve on the balloon will open. This will allow the balloon to empty and pass naturally through the gastrointestinal tract without the need for a removal procedure*.

Is the Elipse™ Balloon easy to swallow?

elipse weight loss balloon by allurion

Published data have shown that 99.9% of people are able to successfully swallow the Elipse Balloon. However, if you are unable to swallow the capsule on your own, our doctor can assist you by using a thin wire to gently stiffen the catheter.

Are there any possible side-effects after the balloon placement?

Some of the possible side-effects include: 

  • Nausea 
  • Abdominal cramping 
  • Occasional vomiting.  

In most cases, these symptoms are well-controlled with the commonly used medications prescribed.

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