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Rejuran Healer – A Reliable Skin Healing Cure

Rejuran Healer A Reliable Skin Healing Cure

The Rejuran healer is a remarkable skin healing procedure. The public is not getting sufficient benefits of injection treatments for skin rejuvenation. This latest treatment has been referred to as miracle healer injections, baby skin injections, PDRN therapy, PN and Rejuran healer.

Overview of Rejuran Treatment

Rejuran treatment is based on PN (polynucleotides) biological molecules. A PN is a biopolymer construed with 13 or even additional nucleotide monomers attached together. Nucleotides are primary structural units that make up DNA.

The extract of DNA in this treatment is extracted from salmon and disjointed into PNs.

How does this treatment work?

The two primary effects of PN/PDRN or Rejuran Healer are:

  • Wound Healing: It can heal wounds through the stimulus of different growth factors and increase microcirculation.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects: This treatment provides anti-inflammatory effects through the obstruction of provocative cytokines and rummaging of free radicals in your body.

PDRN/PN work by increasing the metabolic activities in the cells of skin known as fibroblasts. These fibroblasts are stimulated for the regeneration of the main components of your skin that will diminish with age like glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans, and collagen. PNs stimulation refreshers old cells quickly.

PDRN/PN act as a mechanical framework for the extracellular matrix and cells to grow. They have a tri-dimensional structure where fibroblasts may produce regenerative effects.

PDRN/PN offers building blocks for the synthesis of DNA. Through recoup trials, the PNs are fragmented in the pyrimidines and purines by the procedure of body. It is recycled into fresh DNA.

Difference Between PN and PDRN

PNs (Polynucleotides) is a massive cluster of molecules. RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are PNs. Moreover, PRDN (polydeoxyribonucleotides) are a subtype of polynucleotides. Rejuran consists of PNs that also has PDRN.

Mechanism of PDRN

PDRN/PN requires the stimulation of A2A adenosine receptor and recovering DNA fragments. Researchers pay attention to PDRN, and it is helpful to heal wounds from diabetes, such as foot ulcers. In-vitro and animal studies on animals PDRN can help you to prevent scars, revive tissues of dry skin and trigger wound healing.

Reason for the use of Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA has surprising results on human skin. It shows significant improvement in hydration, texture, and elasticity of the skin. DNA of salmon is used as it is similar to the DNA of a human. Researchers found that DNA of salmon is compatible and safe in the body of a human without any adverse effects.

Before using salmon DNA in Rejuran, its purification is necessary to remove other elements like proteins, which can trigger an immune response.

Benefits of Rejuran Healer

The healing properties of Rejuran PDRN/PN have numerous beneficial effects on your skin, such as:

  • Improving the texture of the skin
  • Enhancing skin tone
  • Normalization of skin (skin thickening for balanced oil production)
  • Skin repair
  • Decreased wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved hydration and elasticity of skin

With Rejuran healer, you can treat enlarged pores, skin sagging, dark eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, acne scars and stretch marks. The doctor will use a single fine needle in Rejuran healer under your skin. The treatment may require 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

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