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Non-surgical Eye Bag Removal Singapore - What are Your Options?

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Many people fear the idea of going under the knife just to look better. They would rather have a treatment that is minimally invasive, with fewer side effects and minimal downtime.

When the muscles supporting the eyelids weaken, this leads to tissue and fat displacement. As a result, a lot of folks are bothered by the formation of eye bags. Nobody wants to appear tired or sleepy. But not everyone is confident about undergoing surgery. Instead, they are hoping to get something more minimally invasive.

The good news is that such eye bag treatments do exist and are offered by plastic surgeons around the world. Let's explore the non-surgical options for tired eyes.

Key Takeaways for Eye Bag Removal Singapore

  • There are non-surgical treatments that can address eye bags efficiently
  • Dermal fillers are a quick and safe procedure that has virtually no downtime, but the results are temporary
  • Scarless eye bag removal is one of the most effective treatments to remove eye bags without leaving external scars

Is There a Non-surgical Treatment for Under-Eye Bags?

It appears there are different treatments for eye bag removal that don't necessarily involve plastic surgery. Thanks to advances in the cosmetic industry, patients can now choose from a variety of procedures. Below are the most effective ones.

Non-surgical eye bag removal with facial fillers (dermal fillers)

Dermal Filler injections for eye bags

Dermal fillers are injectables administered in different parts of the face to add volume to areas that appear deflated. These are usually made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occurring in the human body.

Because, in some cases, eye bags form as a result of volume loss under the eyes, fillers are a great way to fix the cosmetic problem. An immediate benefit of the eye bag removal treatment is that it fills in those hollow spaces.

Another way in which facial fillers work is through regenerating the skin. They stimulate collagen production over time, which helps to maintain the results longer.

There is no downtime involved. The non-surgical eye bag removal procedure is carried out in about 20-30 minutes, and it takes two weeks for the substance to fully settle into the skin. In the meantime, the affected area might appear swollen, sore, and red, which is completely normal.

In most cases, one treatment is enough to get the desired outcome.

The results are temporary. In most cases, the hyaluronic acid is adsorbed by the body in the course of 6-7 months.

Non-surgical eye bag removal with radiofrequency

close up photo of radiofrequency eye bag treatment

This is a treatment that will tighten skin and break down subcutaneous fat before the orbital septum. It uses precise bursts of radiofrequency energy provided via a needle into the eye bag region.

As the RF device starts to deliver heat into the skin, this will stimulate collagen production after a certain period of time, making the skin more supple and youthful looking.

A numbing anaesthetic is applied to the targeted area before the procedure begins. Despite that, there may be discomfort and a burning sensation at the site of administration. They will quickly go away.

The non-surgical eye bag removal treatment takes around 30 minutes if it's done in the under-eye area only or up to 90 minutes for a full face treatment.

Radiofrequency can lower the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the under-eye region since new collagen production is initiated.

Non-surgical eye bag removal with microneedling

Microneedling is another versatile treatment that helps with puffy eyes or eye bags. It makes tiny punctures into the skin using an electrically-powered handheld device with a patented micro-needle cartridge.

What this does is create microscopic injuries, which then trigger the body's natural healing response. In the healing process, new collagen is created. As a result, the skin becomes stronger, more elastic, and better hydrated.

Microneedling is a relatively fast procedure with a duration of 20-30 minutes, but you can expect to spend about an hour or so with your aesthetic doctor. The technician uses numbing cream on the skin to reduce pain and discomfort, which needs some time to work.

When it comes to the downtime and healing of this non-surgical eye bag removal, you will be fine after 24 hours. Some people may need 2-3 days to recover. You should not apply makeup in the under-eye region for a day or two after the eye bag removal treatment. The results last anywhere between three and five months.

Being a minimally invasive procedure, microneedling does not remove excess skin, nor does it provide excess fat removal. There is no cutting or breaking of the skin.

What is Scarless Eye Bag Removal Singapore?

For those that want steady, long-lasting results, surgery remains the best option. The cosmetic industry has evolved so much that it offers better outcomes with minimal skin cutting, such as a new method called scarless eye bag removal.

What is scarless blepharoplasty?

Scarless blepharoplasty is a technique that treats unwanted eye bags without leaving an external scar. It makes an incision in the conjunctiva, which grants direct access to the tissues below the lower eyelids. This allows the surgeon to reposition tissues, remove extra fatty tissue, or correct deformities.

The treatment eliminates the hassle of stitching and stitch removal.

Does scarless blepharoplasty remove dark eye circles?

Yes, the lower eyelid surgery might be effective at banishing dark eye circles under your eyes.

Who makes a good candidate for eye bag removal?

The eye bag removal treatment is suitable for a plethora of people. The ideal candidate is someone who has excess fatty tissues in the under-eye area but not too much excess skin. If the patient has other problems, they can be fixed at the time of the surgery.

Scarless eye bag removal tends to preserve skin laxity in the upper eyelids. It offers a more permanent solution to your eye bag problem. That being said, as you continue to age, you may get to develop puffy eyes at some point.

Recovery from eye bag removal surgery

The recovery period is 10-14 days. Your plastic surgeon will guide you through the process. You will be instructed to rest more during the first couple of days, and you may have to apply a cold compress over the eye area to reduce mild swelling and bruising.

When the time is up, you will be able to go back to your daily routine and work responsibilities.

If your case of eye bags is more complicated or you have excess fats and skin, full-scale plastic surgery may be more suitable for you. The cutting method enables plastic surgeons to remove excess skin and fat responsible for the eye bag formation.


What is the best non-surgical treatment for eye bags?

It depends on the severity of your eye bags. Different issues require different approaches. For example, dermal fillers can achieve amazing results if your eye bags are caused by fat migration and volume loss in the under-eye area. However, they do not work for excess fat pads.

Can eyebags be removed by laser?

Laser resurfacing does not work for under-eye bags since it doesn't address problems under the skin. That being said, laser treatments remove hyperpigmentation and eye wrinkles.

How do you get rid of eye bags naturally?

There are several ways to reduce eye bags at home, such as applying cold compresses over the lower eyelids. Tea bags are fine too. You should try to get enough sleep and keep your head slightly elevated as you sleep. If you are an allergy sufferer, it is recommended that you keep your symptoms at bay.

You could also try to make some alterations to your diet by cutting down on salt and fast food. And lastly, try camouflaging your eye bags with cosmetics and makeup. Please note that these tips are ineffective for hereditary eye bags.

Can Microneedling help under-eye bags?

Versatility is one of the strong points of microneedling. It is effective for a wide range of skin problems and skin tones, as in eliminating eye bags, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and acne scars.

So, to answer your question, yes, microneedling can help with under-eye bags. You just need to find a certified practitioner who is equipped with a microneedling machine and knows how to set the right speed and depth for your particular needs and goals.

Does microneedling help severe eye bags?

No, microneedling isn't effective enough for severe eye bags. The latter cases require surgery.

Does radiofrequency tighten loose skin and improve skin laxity?

Yes. Radiofrequency helps with mild to moderate signs of ageing. It can also tighten loose skin. Note that RF does not remove extra skin.

How often can you get radiofrequency skin tightening?

Even though radiofrequency has minimal downtime, you should have your RF sessions spaced four weeks apart to allow enough time for the skin to heal.

Can HIFU remove eye bags and dark circles?

Yes, High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can reduce the appearance of eye bags. It works by targeting the accumulation of fats under the eyes, as well as muscle and ligamentous laxity. In addition, the medical technology tends to remove dark circles.

How many sessions of non-surgical eye bag removal do I need?

It depends on the procedure you choose. Most treatments require 4-6 sessions overall, and they should be delivered once every 4 weeks.

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