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Labiaplasty and Vaginal Tightening – Recovery and Aftercare

vaginal tightening, labiaplasty recovery

For one reason or another, vaginal health is a topic that women tend to avoid. However, many of them worry about the structure and appearance of this area (especially after giving birth). Although it may be uncomfortable to talk about this topic, you still need to learn as much as you can about your vaginal health, how to maintain it, and what this area looks like. Because, just as you should care for your facial skin, you should also take care of your genital skin.

When you age or after giving birth, your vaginal wall is likely to lose its elasticity. You can usually see changes after going through full menopause. After pregnancy or childbirth, you will likely also feel somewhat looser in your vagina. It is entirely normal to experience such changes. The problem is that they can make you uncomfortable and lead to low sexual satisfaction. In addition, patients with vaginal laxity often have problems with urinary incontinence or leakage of urine.

The loose vagina might be successfully fixed through procedures called labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. Here we will take a closer look at both procedures, how each of them works, what to expect from recovery and how they can improve your vaginal structure. Please keep reading!

Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty in Singapore

vaginal tightening, labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is plastic and reconstructive surgery that improves the appearance of the labia, where vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening is a procedure that tightens the vagina. Both operations are usually performed for aesthetic reasons.

Labiaplasty involves decreasing the size of the labia. It can be done on the outer, larger lips of the vaginal cavity called labia majora or on the inner, smaller lips called labia minora. In most cases, the procedure is performed while you are awake and under local anaesthesia.

In order to perform labiaplasty, two different methods are available: trim method and wedge method. The trim procedure is one of the most commonly used techniques by surgeons. It involves removing and suturing the excess part of smaller lips (labia minora). The goal of the procedure is to achieve symmetrical lips on both the outer and inner sides.

In the wedge technique, a partial thickness wedge is removed from the thickest part of the smaller lips. The procedure leaves the wrinkle edges intact, resulting in a natural look.

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to tighten the vagina and is commonly done on women who have been injured during delivery. It consists of removing excess skin and stitching loose tissue in part or the entire vaginal depth. The surgeon may also use a laser device to tighten the vaginal tissue. In addition, this procedure stimulates new collagen, which in turn reduces vaginal atrophy symptoms.

The procedures of labiaplasty and vaginal tightening are typically performed together in order to achieve better results.

Vaginal tightening and labiaplasty recovery

Recovery from surgery takes approximately six weeks. That is actually how long it takes for the sutures to dissolve in the area to make it appear more natural. Usually, individuals would take several days to a week off of work.

You will be prescribed oral and topical antibiotics as well as a pain medicine that needs to be taken for about a week. Pain management may be difficult for some patients, but these cases are rare. Additionally, you may experience some swelling that will subside by itself in a few days.

It is rare for complications to occur after these procedures, and most people can return to a desk job within a week. There are very few patients who complain about losing sensation.

During your recovery, you need to avoid heavy lifting, sexual intercourse or biking so that you prevent any sort of pressure or friction.

Since most plastic surgeons use dissolvable sutures, you no longer need to have them removed after surgery.

In the end, we can say that as intense as this surgery may seem, it is relatively minor, and according to most women that go through it, it is “not that uncomfortable”.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures: Aftercare

woman lying in bed recovering after vaginoplasty/labiaplasty procedure

If you have undergone vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as labiaplasty and vaginal tightening, then the following aftercare tips may help you recover quicker and smoother.

Manage your post-op pain

Once the operation is completed, you can get ready to head home. Most surgeons use long-acting local anaesthesia or pain medication in the incision site, so you should be relatively comfortable. The area will be swollen and will feel swollen, but the pain you felt initially may not be that intense.

The pain will slowly become more noticeable about six to eight hours after surgeries once the numbing medication wears off. Hence, what you need to do is to have your pain relief medication ready. However, only use the painkillers and anti-nausea medications if you need to.

Minimize the swelling

Upon returning home, it is advisable to lay down and elevate your hips so that you avoid swelling. It is also recommended that you apply some ice in your perineal area in the first couple of days, particularly during the first day and during the first night when the pain occurs.

However, after just one or two days, you can cease icing the treated area.

Cares for your incision

Most surgeons use dissolvable stitches, so individuals would not need to have their stitches removed. You might be given ointment to use once a day or if it feels dry or irritated. After urination, gently blot the area from front to back to prevent contamination of the incision site.

Avoid hot baths

During the first one to two weeks, you should refrain from taking hot baths. Do not use hot tubs, saunas, or bathtubs. Swimming might be possible after seven days, but it is best to consult with your surgeon first.

Avoid exercising, heavy lifting and sexual activities

You need to try to minimize some activity, especially early in the first few days. After surgery, do not exercise, lift heavy objects or have sexual contact for at least three weeks. You can resume all your normal activities after this period, as long as you feel fairly well.

For the first few days, you should wear a panty liner in your underwear. To handle any drainage, the surgeon will put a thick panty liner in, but you can later switch to a normal padding cami liner. It is normal to see drainage for up to a week.

The drainage can be yellow, or it can be blood-tinged, and all of those are normal. Eventually, when the stitches start to dissolve, you will see remnants of the stitches in the patch. For the first week, you just need to keep a pad in your underwear.

Post-op check-up

Your surgeon will want to see you one to two weeks after your surgery. During this consultation, you can ask all the questions you want about your healing. However, if you have any questions during your recovery, you can always call the clinic and speak with them about your concerns. It is possible that the doctor can answer your questions over the phone. If needed, they will schedule an appointment with you.

What do labiaplasty and vaginal tightening procedures do?

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures will not only give you more confidence but will also address some other issues related to your vaginal health. Here are some of the benefits of the procedures.

The procedures will help you with vaginal atrophy and vaginal dryness

A decline in estrogen after menopause or even during breastfeeding can have a negative impact on social relationships and even cause personal difficulties. Among the most unpleasant vaginal problems is vaginal atrophy, which is due to inadequate hydration of the mucosa of the vaginal canal. As a result of this condition, the lining of the vagina and vulva gradually thins, becoming more delicate, sensitive, and more susceptible to injury.

Vaginal dryness, burning and constant irritation caused by vaginal atrophy are not commonly discussed, as many women believe it is a natural side effect of menopause and childbirth. Thanks to vaginal rejuvenation procedures, this problem can be surgically treated and prevented in a safe manner.

They can improve your sex life

Vaginal atrophy often leads to dyspareunia – painful sexual intercourse. Among the problems associated with this condition are thinning and dryness of the vaginal walls. It may cause pain and discomfort during intercourse with negative consequences on a couple’s relationship, such as a loss of sexual desire and anxiety during sexual activity. Vaginal tightening treatment can help to overcome these symptoms.

Reduce urinary incontinence symptoms

Incontinence problem concept

It is one of the most common problems among women over the age of 35, which significantly affects their quality of life. There are different types and degrees of urinary incontinence:

  • Stress urinary incontinence. Normally, it is caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles. Most commonly, stress urinary incontinence is triggered by laughter, coughing or lifting heavy items.
  • Urge urinary incontinence. It is involuntary urination due to a lack of control of the urge to urinate. It usually happens when your bladder becomes overactive.
  • Overflow urinary incontinence. It is a combination of both types – stress incontinence and urge incontinence.

Although there are a few exercises, like kegel exercises and pelvic floor exercises, that promise to strengthen your vaginal muscles, they might only be useful if you struggle with mild urinary incontinence. It’s likely that they won’t be able to treat your condition if it’s more severe.

Vaginal rejuvenation can be an effective way to strengthen the muscles around the vagina, which can lead to reduced incontinence.

To conclude

Labiaplasty and vaginal tightening are quick and simple surgeries. They are usually not associated with any serious risks and side effects. In addition, the recovery is quite fast as you might be able to go back to work within a week.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments can significantly improve the appearance of your genital area and your sexual life. In addition, they can boost your self-esteem in the long run.

If you are considering getting this type of surgery, make sure you find a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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