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What Kind Of Eyes Are Viable For Double Eyelid Surgery

What Kind Of Eyes Are Viable For Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in Asia, especially in Japan, Korea, China, and even Singapore. While patients undergo the procedure for aesthetic purposes, many use it to correct certain eyelid defects that occur as aging begins. Whether you’re looking to have the aesthetically pleasing double eyelid or looking to correct an eyelid defect, here are the kind of eyes that are viable for a double eyelid surgery.

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  1. Monolid Eyes

Those with monolid eyes, or eyes without an eyebrow crease, are the ones that benefit the most from a double eyelid surgery. While monolid eyes are generally normal in Asia, especially for those in Japan and Korea, a large number find it hard to manage them.

One problem many Asian girls encounter with their monolid eyes is putting on make-up: they often find it hard to apply good make-up on their eyes that will make it look alive instead of dull. Another problem they encounter a lot is having eyes that appear smaller compared to the area of their face, causing an imbalance in the proportion of the eyes to the face.

  1. Irregular Upper Eyelid Crease

If you’re suffering from having an irregular upper eyelid crease, having a double eyelid procedure will help correct this. Irregular upper eyelid crease could be an unusual looking upper eyelid crease often positioned too high (closer to the eyebrows) that it gives you an unnatural look and an appearance of being older; it could also be too low (closer to the eyelashes) and small that the eyes look like a monolid, shrinking one or both your eyes. Such irregularities are often inborn, but some could come from previous surgeries that did not have proper results.

  1. Lateral Drooping Of Upper Eyelid

Having lateral drooping of the upper eyelids can be a big problem for many people as it could obstruct vision and hinder achieving daily tasks. Having a double eyelid surgery could help fix this problem.  Lateral drooping of the eyelids is when the skin of the upper eyelids start to sag or droop on the outer area of the eyes, causing an unnatural appearance and impaired field of vision. There are many causes of drooping upper eyelids, some of which are aging, nerve problems, and muscle degradation to name a few. Like irregular upper eyelid creases, it could be an inborn defect, but is often due to accidents or the natural aging process.

  1. Previous Patients With Stitching Or Cutting Eyelids With Asymmetry

Having a previous eyelid surgery that turned out badly could also be fixed by undergoing double eyelid surgery. Failed eyelid procedures often result in asymmetry where one eye looks smaller or bigger than the other resulting in imbalanced and unproportioned facial features. This does more harm than good as it distorts the eyes further and could cause self-esteem problems for the patient and could even cause emotional trauma.

While some people think that undergoing a double eyelid procedure is purely aesthetic, the procedure also has a corrective purpose behind it. People with eyelid defects could undergo double eyelid surgery so they can correct these defects that could help make their lives easier and better.

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