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Incisional vs Non-incisional Double Eyelid Surgery - Pros and Cons

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Double eyelid surgery is a type of blepharoplasty that creates a fold or crease in the upper eyelids for people who don't have natural double eyelids. As well as this, it offers surgical correction to droopy eyelids by removing excess skin, fats, and muscle.

There are two main approaches that we are going to discuss down below. We'll delve into the duration of the procedure, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as recovery time.

Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

This is a procedure that is carried out on an outpatient basis and involves making incisions into the skin in order to create a crease on the upper lids. There is no need to use any cutting-edge technology for this. The surgery also goes by the name incisional blepharoplasty or incision technique.

How double eyelids surgery is performed

To begin with, the upper eyelids are examined and carefully measured, then marked with a pen. The staff proceeds to administer a local anaesthetic and IV sedation, or general anaesthesia.

Then the surgeons take over by making an incision alongside the upper lid. When they get access to the underlying tissues, they may reposition or remove fat and muscle to create a double eyelid line. The procedure is over when they close the wound with stitches.

When is the incisional technique used?

The incisional double blepharoplasty procedure strives to create bright eyes and a natural appearance. It is employed when the patient is seeking permanent results or needs to have some fat and skin removed.

Pros of double eyelid blepharoplasty

  • The scarring is almost invisible after the surgery
  • The eyelids look natural
  • It allows the surgeon to get rid of bulging fats and extra skin

Cons of the incisional method

  • It takes longer to heal
  • Swelling is greater
  • The surgical procedure is not reversible

How long does incisional double eyelid surgery take to heal?

Creating double eyelids with incisional surgery takes a while. The results require 1 to 3 months to fully materialise. Initial healing stretches across a few days to two weeks following the procedure.

During the recovery time, you may experience bruising, swelling, light sensitivity, bleeding from the incision, dry eyes, and discomfort or pain. These symptoms will be temporary.

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Non-incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Non-incisional Korean double eyelid surgery in Singapore is an outpatient procedure that does not involve making incisions into the skin. Instead, it creates tiny holes on the upper eyelid. It is also called the suture technique, non-incisional method, or scarless method.

How the non-incisional double eyelid procedure is performed

IV sedation or general anaesthesia is used to put the patient to sleep and keep them relaxed. However, most patients would prefer local anaesthesia while being awake through the surgery. With that, the eyelid skin is measured and marked.

Next, the surgeon makes several holes in the upper eyelid in order to place the stitches and manipulate them in such a way that they can create the coveted double eyelid crease.

When is the non-incisional method used?

These non-surgical procedures are perfect for people with thin lids who don't have extra fats or loose skin.

The treatment is also suitable for individuals who don't want to go the surgical route. They would like to have a double eyelid procedure whose outcomes are reversible.

This method originated in South Korea.

Pros of non-incisional blepharoplasty

  • Less swelling and downtime
  • There is less scarring
  • The outcomes are beautiful and natural-looking

Cons of non-incisional methods

  • The crease doesn't last long and can become smaller over time
  • The size of the crease is limited (which will result in less prominent double eyelids)
  • Extra fat cannot be removed with this technique
  • It's not suitable for people with thicker skin and excess eyelid fat tissue

How long does non-incisional double eyelid surgery take to heal?

The recovery from the non-incisional procedure is fast - around 2-3 days. For the upper eyelid skin to look completely normal, you are going to need a couple of weeks' time.

During the healing period, you may experience bruising, swelling, light sensitivity, dry eyes, and pain. These symptoms will be temporary.

How to Relieve Discomfort after Eye Surgery:

Here is what you can do to fight irritation and discomfort following surgery:

  • Use any prescribed medications as directed by your reconstructive surgery doctor
  • Slather on lubricating ointment for as long as it has been prescribed after your procedure
  • Apply cold compresses to the incision area following the recommendations of plastic surgeons
  • Avoid sun exposure; wear sunglasses to protect yourself from light sensitivity after eye surgery
  • Do not touch the skin around the double eyelid line until it heals
  • Do not use makeup on your double eyelids for a few days post-op
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects and straining your eyes during your recovery time

If you experience vision change or other unexpected issues after the procedure, call your doctor.

What Can Determine the Outcome of my Surgery?

There are several factors that can affect the end result of your double eyelid surgery. To start with, the initial position and shape of your eyebrows will play a huge role. Second, the size of your contact lenses can make a difference, if you wear any.

Third, do you usually wear makeup? The amount of makeup you use around the eyes definitely matters. And lastly, the shape and size of your eyes are crucial.

Is the Incisional Method more Expensive than the Suture Method?

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For the suture method, you are going to pay between S$3,200 and S$3,500 in most clinics in Singapore. The incision method clocks in at S$3.800-S$4,500. For more details on the final bill, get in touch with the surgeon or medical director of the clinic you've chosen.

With that said, since it's not a type of plastic surgery, double eyelid surgery is not covered by health insurance.

What's Better for Me: Incisional or Non-incisional Double Eyelid Surgery?

There is no definitive answer to this question because both surgery methods have their uses. People have unique facial features, which is why some folks are recommended the suture technique, and some are advised to opt for non-incisional surgery. Others may benefit from a modified technique.

All things considered, this is not a decision you can take single-handedly. You need to consult a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, discuss your goals, and let them guide you through the process so that you get a customised treatment that fits you best.

If you're interested in learning more, check out our post on what you can do to lift a droopy eyelid.


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