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How to Remove Black Eye Circles

How to Remove Black Eye Circles

Are you looking for the most effective black circle eye treatment? Despite the abundance of products, creams, eye patches, and serums on the market, many people still struggle to deal with the unsightly dark shadows under their eyes. The truth is that such cosmetics are more likely to aid in the prevention of dark under-eye circles or the lessening of mild to moderate hyperpigmentation. They will hardly eliminate severe black circles and under-eye bags. Why is that so, and what can actually help you deal with this issue?

Here, we will outline some of the most efficient ways to treat black eye circles and dark eye circle removal. In addition, we will explain how to manage mild to moderate eye bags and dark circles at home and what preventive measures you can take to avoid them. Further, we will discuss some of the causes of developing such a cosmetic problem.

How can you remove black and dark circles under the eyes?

Getting the proper medical treatment is one of the most effective ways to remove black under-eye circles. There are many procedures available in aesthetic clinics, and which one you should choose depends on the cause and severity of your dark circles. It is critical to consult a specialist to assess your concerns and determine which medical treatment will best address your problem.

Here are some procedures that can help you get rid of dark circles fast and permanently.

Under-eye filler treatment

Have you noticed any ridges or deep hollows under your eyes? They are maybe accompanied by puffy eye bags. If that is the case, dermal fillers could be a good option for you.

You may have hollow lower eyelids for a number of reasons, but the primary one is ageing. The problem may also be hereditary, so you may have a sunken eyeball earlier in life than others. The purpose of dermal filler treatment is to conceal such imperfections.

The procedure is very quick, easy, and painless. It doesn't have downtime and is not associated with any serious adverse effects. The only complications you may experience are slight bruising or swelling in the under-eye region, which will quickly disappear in 1 to 2 days.

Fillers can typically last up to a year. However, some people tend to burn them up a little faster than others. That is why, after 10 months, you may want to consult your doctor to determine whether you need additional treatment.

Laser treatment for dark circles

woman getting laser skin rejuvenation for under eye wrinkles and fine lines

Dermal fillers can help with age-related dark circles, but they have nothing to do with periorbital hyperpigmentation caused by excessive sun exposure or iron deficiency. In such cases, laser hyperpigmentation removal might be your best bet.

Q-switched lasers are highly effective in treating brown spots, acne marks and infraorbital dark circles. Additionally, these devices can tighten the skin in a particular mode, which can help you reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

The secret behind laser treatments is that they use a high-intensity pulsed beam of energy to minimize pigmentation and also stimulate collagen production. The procedure is non-invasive and can be completed during a lunch break. It is not likely to cause any side effects.

The results of this hyperpigmentation removal technique may last for several years. It is possible, however, that you need multiple treatment sessions to achieve the best outcomes.

SUNEKOS skin boosting


SUNEKOS is another injectable treatment that can significantly improve the appearance of dark circles. The typical injection contains hyaluronic acid gel, which is similar to dermal filler. But in addition to that, it is composed of amino acids that boost its effect. As a result, the treatment will not only restore the lost volume around your eyes but also improve the structure of your skin, giving it a nice plump appearance.

The procedure can be very beneficial for you if you have thin, transparent skin below your eyes that makes blood vessels visible and causes dark circles. SUNEKOS skin booster also has the ability to stimulate collagen production and give your skin a radiant, firmer and brighter appearance.

SUNEKOS skin boosting, like fillers, is a quick treatment with no downtime. Typically, the results are visible immediately following the procedure. However, for the best outcomes, you may need to repeat it three or four times, one week apart.

Chemical peels for black circles

woman getting chemical peel for black eye circles

A chemical peel is another procedure that can help you lighten pigmented areas of your skin. It can, however, only treat mild infraorbital dark circles, not severely damaged under eye skin. Furthermore, you may require multiple treatments to see significant improvement.

Chemical peel is a simple procedure which usually requires little to no downtime. During the treatment, the doctor will use solutions such as alpha hydroxy acids or glycolic acid to remove the top layer of the skin and reduce pigmentation.

There are various types of peels that differ in depth and in the chemical solutions they use. A light or medium chemical peel may be helpful if you only have mild black circles. You may consider getting a deeper peel like a Cosmelan peel when you have more stubborn dark under-eye pigment.

Lower eyelid surgery

Many times, under-eye puffiness and darkness are caused by excess skin and fat in the lower eyelid. In such cases, lower eyelid surgery is one of the most effective medical treatment options.

In many situations, dermal fillers can successfully conceal the signs of ageing and improve the appearance of dark circles. The problem is that some people tend to age more quickly than others, and as a result, they are more likely to develop fat bulging in the lower eyelid. An excessive amount of fat bulging under the lower lid will create a bump, a valley underneath. If that is the case, you should really consider whether you need a filler injection to restore the lost volume or plastic surgery to remove excess fat and tighten the skin.

Eyebag removal surgery or blepharoplasty can successfully eliminate bags, puffiness and dark circles caused by ageing or genetics. The most advantageous aspect of this procedure is that it is a long-term solution. Most people who have this surgery done do not need any future touch-ups.

Several surgical approaches can be used for performing this procedure. However, one of the most advantageous is the so-called scarless eye bag removal technique, which does not involve incisions on the external skin. This surgical approach also offers quicker recovery and more natural results.

Please take note! All of the treatments listed above must be performed by a board-certified doctor, either a dermatologist with extensive experience, a plastic surgeon, or a facial plastic surgeon. Try to stay away from Spas, aestheticians, and family practitioners, because they don't really have the capable training to do such medical treatments properly.

How can you reduce the appearance of black under-eye circles at home?

Black eye circles and eye bags are frequently temporary and appear as a result of a poor night's sleep, tiredness, stress, or allergies. There are several home remedies you can use to alleviate the problem in such cases. However, keep in mind that at-home solutions cannot treat dark circles or under-eye bags caused by the natural ageing process, excessive sun exposure, or genetics.

Here are some easy fixes you can try whenever you are experiencing temporary puffiness or black circles under your eyes.

Use cold compresses

Applying cold compresses is one of the simplest ways to relieve under-eye puffiness and swelling. You can use whatever you have on hand, such as ice cubes, cold tea bags, chilled spoons or cucumber slices. They will help you shrink dilated blood vessels quickly and make the black circles beneath your eyes less noticeable.

Make your own natural eye masks

You can use ingredients like almond oil, castor oil or turmeric. They are excellent at reducing inflammation. Turmeric is beneficial because it is a natural antioxidant that can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Another ingredient you can use to make a natural eye mask is coffee powder. Caffeine can temporarily alleviate under-eye darkening. It is a basal constrictor, which means that it has the ability to shrink blood vessels. You may find this ingredient in a variety of eye creams and patches for treating dark circles.

Massage your face with a face roller or Gua Sha

Face rollers and Gua Sha can be quite beneficial tools when you are experiencing puffy eyes or face in the morning. In most cases, it happens if you had a salty dinner, went out, or simply did not get quality sleep the night before. The Gua Sha or roller massage can help you improve blood flow and reduce swelling in your face. If you want to achieve even better results, you can use the roller chilled. The cold massage will stimulate blood circulation and decrease the level of inflammation.

Use appropriate eye care cosmetics

There are a variety of creams, gels, serums, and patches on the market that claim to improve the skin beneath the eyes and minimize dark circles. However, it is critical to find an eye cream or eye counter pad that is suitable for your skin and addresses your specific problem. For example, if you have hyperpigmentation, you may want to look for products containing vitamin C. Retinol eye creams, on the other hand, can help tighten the skin and improve the appearance of eye bags. If you are not sure which product is best for you, see a dermatologist.

Hide the darkness with eye make-up

When you're in a hurry and need a quick fix for those unsightly black eye circles, you can always camouflage them with make-up. You can use foundations, concealers or even eye creams with diffusers, which help reflect light and make the darkening less visible. Despite the fact that make-up only masks the problem, it can be a good solution when you have an important meeting or are attending a special event.

How can you prevent developing black eye circles?

The best natural way to treat black under-eye circles is to avoid getting them in the first place. It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle to prevent this cosmetic issue and maintain a youthful appearance for a longer period. The following tips can help you achieve that.

Have an adequate sleep every night

The first thing you can do to prevent dark eye circles is to simply get more sleep. Yes, it is much easier said than done, but sleeping seven to eight hours every night is extremely beneficial not only for your body but also for the appearance of your skin. When you don't get enough sleep, you're more likely to have dull, dry skin and dark circles under your eyes.

Give your body enough hydration

Another really basic thing you need to do to avoid developing dark circles is to increase your water intake. Dehydration can make blood vessels under your eyes much more visible. This is because there is no fluid to kind of prevent light rays from hitting the underlying vasculature. This is especially true if you have thin skin around your eyes.

Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays

UV rays can be extremely damaging to the sensitive skin around the eyes. That is why protection is essential, especially if you already have some pigmentation in the area. This includes not only applying sunscreen every day but also wearing sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat when spending time outside during the summer.

Break up with your bad habits

Smoking not only harms your health but also makes dark circles under your eyes appear worse. As you indulge in this vice for a longer period of time, you're more likely to develop dark circles, yellow teeth, and permanent health problems. The same is true for alcohol, which can cause significant damage to the delicate skin around the eyes. The earlier you break these bad habits, the better.

Why do you get black circles under the eyes?

Black under-eye circles can occur for a variety of reasons, some of which are beyond your control, such as genetics, the presence of melanin in the dermal layer, and the natural ageing process. In these cases, cosmetic procedures are usually the most effective way to deal with this problem.

On the other hand, some people may experience dark circles under their eyes due to lack of sleep and fatigue. In situations like this, simple home remedies and lifestyle changes can quickly fix the problem.

Knowing what causes your dark eye circles is important because it will help you determine which treatment option is best for you.

The following are some reasons why you may have dark circles under your eyes.

You are extremely tired

Dark circles are frequently caused by a lack of sleep and fatigue. Furthermore, prolonged computer use can make your under-eye area appear darker. This is due to the fact that eye strain causes the blood vessels around the eyes to dilate and become more visible on the skin surface.

You are over 30 years old

Usually, this is the age when you start to notice the first signs of ageing. Your skin may become more wrinkled, and it may lose its elasticity and volume. You may also experience sagging skin and under-eye hollowness.

You spend too much time in the sun

UV rays can cause extensive damage to your skin, particularly the skin around your eyes. Some people, especially those with darker skin tones, are more prone to get a lot of periorbital hyperpigmentation when they are exposed to the sun.

Your parents have black eye circles

Genetics can determine several factors that contribute to dark circles, including collagen levels and melanin production. Collagen is a protein in the body that helps maintain skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Melanin is a pigment which is responsible for your skin colour. Some people simply have more melanin because of their genetics. As a result, they are more prone to developing black under-eye circles.

You have anaemia or allergy

Iron deficiency or anaemia, as well as allergies, are two health conditions that may contribute to the appearance of dark circles. When you have anaemia, your blood cells are unable to carry out enough oxygen to your body's tissues, including those under your eyes. This can result in the formation of dark circles.

When you have an allergy, your body releases histamines, which cause blood vessels to dilate. This gives your under-eye area a darker appearance.

If you suspect that your dark eye circles are a result of an allergy or anaemia, make sure to see a qualified doctor.

To conclude

Dark circles are a common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. They are usually harmless, but most people want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons.

There are many home remedies as well as medical treatments that can help you deal with this problem. However, in order to treat dark circles effectively, it is necessary to first understand what contributes to their appearance.

Many times, black under-eye circles occur due to a combination of factors. They can be caused by the pigment in your skin, its thickness, the blood vessels beneath your skin, and the amount of fluid build-up caused by sleep and other lifestyle factors. In such cases, you may need to combine at-home care with medical treatments to address the cosmetic issue successfully.

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