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How to Get a Smaller Face & V-Line

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While standards of beauty vary from country to country, there is no doubt that we all put a lot of emphasis on the face. In some parts of the world, like East Asia, a smaller face is generally coveted. Since the early days, individuals have been self-conscious about the size of their facial area and are looking for ways to make it look small. This is what created the term V-shaped face and a plethora of face-slimming techniques that can be used for that purpose. Let's take a look at some of them.

Face Slimming Treatments in Singapore

To start things off here is how to make a long face shorter with cosmetic treatments.

Non-Surgical V Lift / Thread Face Lift

woman having a Non-Surgical V Lift / Thread Face Lift procedure

Thread facelifts have definitely gained pace lately, making people think it's a new treatment, but the truth is, it has been around since the 1990s. At first, people were hesitant to undergo the procedure because the material wasn't so good, and the idea of inserting threads into the skin would raise a few eyebrows.

Today, thread lifts are much favoured, and they are used with regularity in the cosmetic industry. What is a thread lift? In essence, it is a suture like the ones employed to make stitches when you have a wound. These sutures have little barbs on them. When the material is inserted into the deep skin layers, the barbs grab onto some of the tissue, lifting and elevating the sagging skin.

This allows the doctor to gain traction, tighten the tissue, and even change the shape of the face. This approach can give you a more defined jawline, whether you have an oval face or a long chin. Unlike fillers, thread lifts do not add volume, but they can still plump up hollowed spaces like the cheeks to achieve that volume effect.

The biggest difference between a surgical facelift and a thread lift is that the latter treatment is not as extreme and invasive. There is no cutting or removal of skin; you don't receive any form of sedation except for topical anaesthesia, and the suture resorbs into the skin over time. So, there is no need to take it out manually. It's worth noting the procedure does not fix double chin issues, but it can give you a more defined jawline.

Essentially, the face-slimming method requires less healing, which in turn creates less downtime. As an added bonus, when the thread hits the skin, it provokes a healing response, thus creating more collagen in the skin. We've written a detailed post that goes more in-depth and explains what a thread lift is.

Chin Implants

Chin implants are like other implants. They are made of different materials, with silicone being the most popular choice among surgeons and patients. They also come in multiple sizes and shapes to better fit the different face structures. The surgery is not time-consuming. Still, recovery takes at least 6 weeks.

The other thing about implants is they are flexible and customisable. About 50% of the material can be shaped in order to give a more natural orientation and a predominantly feminine or masculine appearance depending on the desired goal. The scar is discrete and parallel to the chin, so it's practically invisible.

Over time, implants can give in to gravity and drop a little but this can be fixed with screws. Please note that a chin implant doesn't necessarily slim the face; rather, it makes the chin sharp and balances out the proportions so that everything is symmetric. You can get a V-shaped face in no time without having to lose weight.

Botox on Square Jaw

woman having botox injection in her square jaw for more v-line shape face

Sometimes the jaw muscles responsible for chewing (called the masseter muscles) can give you a square face. In that case, Botox injections at the back of the jaw can target that muscle and reduce its activity which will enhance facial contour.

Botox is generally used to relax the muscles. It's widely applied to dynamic wrinkles that develop with age. In most cases, a single session is just enough to get the desired outcome. Some dermatologists like to add small amounts of Botox the first time around and wait for the effects to show before proceeding with more injections.

When it comes to a square jaw, it usually takes around 30-60 units of Botox to complete the treatment. The injections are given in different parts of the jaw muscles, and then the person is discharged from the aesthetic clinic. The skin may be prepped with a topical anaesthetic to make the process more comfortable and bearable. When not being used, as usual, the muscle will shrink over time, resulting in a smaller face. Not only that, but it can relieve grinding and clenching teeth at night (sleep bruxism).

Downtime is minimal. Patients can go back to their routines right away, but they should be careful not to rub the injected area, apply pressure on the face, or exercise. It is also not recommended to drink alcohol or lean your head down immediately after the appointment. The results can be seen right away, but the final result is visible in a few weeks.

Forehead Reduction Surgery

Sometimes the face may appear longer because of a larger forehead. This can happen for different reasons. Sometimes it's due to hair loss. Sometimes it's down to genetics. There is a treatment that can balance the proportions, and it's called forehead reduction surgery. Its goal is to lower the vertical height by moving the hairline forward. You have to undergo anaesthesia for this procedure.

The doctor will prep the skin with a marker to know where to make the cuts. Having made one incision into the forehead and another into the hairline, they will separate the skin from the other tissue and pull down the hairline a little, so it can join the two sections to make the area narrow.

The surgery does not require an overnight stay. Most patients go home on the same day, but they will need to return to the aesthetic clinic for post-op examination and suture removal.

People who will benefit from this treatment the most are those with a large forehead and low brows.

How to Get a Smaller Face Naturally

Even though the cosmetic industry is replete with treatments that can make a wider face appear slimmer, there are individuals who don't want to go the aesthetic route. Here are some steps to help you make small changes to your face without surgery.

Exercises for Facial Muscles

Some people suggest facial exercises have the potential of slimming the face. You have probably heard of facial yoga. It takes no more than 3-5 minutes per day. However, those claims have not been substantiated by science.

Keep in mind that while these can make your muscles stronger, adding to the illusion that your complexion has become more youthful, they likely will not change the size or shape of your face like an actual minimally invasive procedure. Nevertheless, there is no harm in doing them, and if they make you feel better, this is just an added bonus. Remember that it is important to have the right expectations.

Diet for slimmer face and redefined jawline

Sometimes small adjustments to your diet can help you lose the fluids you retain that cause a bloated face. The best way to reduce water retention is to monitor your salt intake. Avoid overly processed food like pizza, burgers, and chips. Make sure to cook your own food as often as you can. It pays off to lose weight as well. Drinking more water and adding green tea to your regimen will be beneficial.

Facial Massage for Jaw Muscles

woman having face slimming massage

There are massage centres where you can get a special massage that will revive your complexion. They use different products to sculpt the face and drain the lymph nodes, which can again make for a slightly slimmer face. Some even promise to narrow your facial bones.


woman doing her makeup

Without the shadow of a doubt, women often resort to makeup to transform their complexions. It is the fastest way to get a slimmer face without surgery. As long as you go for the right contouring techniques, you can do it too. It would help if you had some blush, powder, brow pencil, foundation, concealer, highlighter, etc. Put more highlights on the cheeks by applying a powder or blush that is a bit darker than your skin tone. Make your nose appear smaller with some concealer and highlighter. And don't forget to put darker powder on your jawline to add a shadow. This will sharpen your chin. Of course, the foundation will not fix double chin.


Can you naturally change face shape without any treatments?

While you cannot physically change your face shape, there are things you can do to create the illusion that your face is a certain shape. For instance, by changing hairstyles, you can add a dramatic improvement in the way a long face looks. (Get a long bob or let it rest past your shoulders.) Furthermore, facial exercises, water retention control, and a healthy diet have also been suggested to help get more definition in that area. That being said, none of these methods will make any physical changes to your muscle or skin. Luckily, there are ways to get a smaller face through the use of cosmetic treatments like fillers, thread lifts and implants. Some can go as far as to trim your cheekbones or jaw muscles to achieve the goal of a slimmer face.

What is a V-Lift for a round face?

This is a kind of aesthetic treatment whose goal is to get a slim, oval face with well-defined cheekbones and a sharp chin. There are various ways to achieve that slimmer appearance, from minimally invasive to surgery. The notion of a V-shaped face has turned into a desirable trait in Singapore and some Asian countries, with more and more people are turning to surgery to get the well-defined face they aspire to have.

Does face slimming work?

Face slimming works as long as you use a customised treatment made specifically for your needs. Some people benefit most from cosmetic treatments, while others find relief in home remedies. Oftentimes it is down to unique facial features and the results you are hoping to get. If you have a receding chin and a round face and would rather have a sharp chin instead, a generally slimmer face and better-defined cheeks, get in touch with a plastic surgeon to get the gist of the matter. A specialist would know how to communicate the details in a way that you can understand. They will also examine your facial features and figure out the best face shape that will complement your body.

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