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Fat grafting – How it Can Benefit You a Lot

Fat grafting How it Can Benefit You a Lot

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about cosmetic surgery? Well, these surgeries give you a chance to create a new look for yourself without undergoing something drastic or major. Have you heard of fat grafting?

So if you have been thinking about replacing lost volume and enhancing the face, one of the best alternatives to fillers or anti aging is this nearly non-surgical procedure, known as fat grafting face. Are you interested to know more? If so, keep on reading.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat transfer or fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure that involves redistributing the fat already present in the body. Fat present in abdomen or thighs is transferred to the part of the body where fat grafting is required. The fat is treated before being re-injected into the strategic point.


How Does Fat Grafting Help?

Fat grafting helps a person to reshape or visually improve the appearance of the face or a particular area of the body. Women, in general, choose to undergo this procedure in the face, however, the procedure can also be used in the buttocks and is known as Brazilian Butt Lift. In the butt lift procedure, fat transfers help add more volume and make the buttocks rounder.

The fat graft add volume to a specific area of the body, thus helping a person achieve amazing results. Here are few things you can gain by undergoing this procedure.

  • Change nose shape

Some people chose to undergo fat graft to smoothen out minor bumps or dents present on the nose by injecting little fat in the nose. If you have a little crooked nose, fat can be added to the bridge to smoothen it out without opting for rhinoplasty surgery.

  • Add volume under eye

Some people develop a hollow look in their eyes as they age. Therefore, adding fat into the hollow of eyes can add volume to the face thus giving them a more youthful and rejuvenated look. Fat grafting also improve the look of tired face thus making it easier for people to look well rested and relaxed.

  • Smooth out wrinkle

Are you worried about the wrinkles showing up on your face? If so, we have an easy solution to deal with them. Adding volume under wrinkles makes it easy to smooth them out and improve the overall appearance of the face. While this procedure is not effective for deep set wrinkles, it definitely helps treat small ones that set in around the eye and mouth.

  • Plump up your chin and cheeks

If you have always wished to attain fuller cheeks and chin, fret not as fat grafting procedure makes it easy to achieve the look. These two areas add a lot of definition to the face however as you age, the cheek fat pads start moving down, thus making your cheeks look flat. This procedure adds volume to your cheeks, improving the contour of the face.

There are different fat grafting procedures for different areas of the body, for example there are breast fat grafting and micro fat grafting. However, you should get in touch with one of the best Singapore plastic surgeons who have years of experience to get the procedure done in a hassle free manner. Dr. Shens is a Korea-trained plastic surgeon who expertly performs the procedure. Contact us today and opt for face fat grafting procedure to smooth out wrinkles or straighten a crooked nose.

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