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Face Fillers vs Injectables – What is the difference?

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Wrinkles, eye bags, and a tired-looking face are all signs of ageing that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Women tend to be particularly sensitive to this topic, and they seek out different ways to turn back the clock. Increasing demand for aesthetic treatments led to an increase in their availability. Today, cosmetic clinics offer a variety of skin rejuvenation procedures, and a lot of people are confused about which ones to choose – Lasers, Botox or Fillers.

In this article, we will introduce you briefly to the world of aesthetic dermatology by highlighting two of the most popular non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation, Botox and dermal fillers.

We will take a look at their prices in Singapore, their benefits and disadvantages, as well as the main difference between Botox and fillers.

Botox vs fillers: What is the key difference between them?

The main difference between these two aesthetic procedures is that Botox injection is used to treat dynamic wrinkles, those that appear when you smile, frown or squint. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are great for treating static wrinkles, those that can be seen even when your face is relaxed.

Fillers are injections (usually based on Hyaluronic acid) placed in particular areas of the face where there is a loss of volume. They are commonly used to treat smile lines around the mouth and restore fullness to the area under the eyes. Face fillers may also help smooth forehead wrinkles, but they are less frequently used on this area of the face.

Unlike fillers, Botox is more commonly used to treat wrinkles on the forehead. Rather than providing volume, Botox treatment “freezes” facial muscles, preventing them from contracting and reducing wrinkles. The injection is made from Botulinum toxin. It is a neurotoxin that does not provide hyaluronic acid to the skin.

What treatment is more effective? The two treatments are both effective and can produce excellent results. Nevertheless, it is crucial to choose the most appropriate procedure for your particular condition and goals. Fillers and Botox are made from different ingredients and are intended for different purposes.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal Filler Injection for Cheeks

Basically, face fillers or soft tissue fillers are injections used to fill in those areas of the face that have lost their volume. The injections can be made from different substances, but the most commonly used one is Hyaluronic acid. The powerful effects of this substance are well known to most women. Hyaluronic acid is among the most beneficial facial skin products.

The use of Hyaluronic acid fillers is one of the most popular ways of correcting and enhancing various areas of the face. Many people are opting for them because they are effective, painless and relatively safe methods of reducing the first signs of ageing. The procedure takes minutes, the result is instant, and the filler is naturally broken down by the body.

How is the dermal filler procedure done?

As a first step, the plastic surgeon will apply an anaesthetic cream to minimize any discomfort. Following that, the filler will be injected into your skin. It usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes to perform the procedure, depending on how many areas need to be treated. Once the treatment is complete, you can return to your usual routine. Occasionally, you may experience swelling or bruising at the injection site, and it may be necessary to stay at home for a few days.

Before getting dermal fillers, talk to a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can tell you what kind of filler is best for your skin type and how the procedure will affect your look. People are all different, so everyone requires a different method to achieve the best results. A good physician is able to provide the best treatment suited to each patient.

What are fillers used for?

Fillers are commonly used to minimise wrinkles and add volume to specific areas of the face. Here is what they can do.

  • Fill in the nasolabial folds
  • Make the marionette lines smoother
  • Plump up the tear through area
  • Restore the lip volume
  • Reduce the presence of forehead wrinkles
  • Improve the shape of the chin or nose

Dermal filler procedures can significantly improve the quality of your skin and give your face a younger and brighter look.

How much do facial fillers cost in Singapore?

In general, dermal fillers are listed with a price per syringe. In Singapore, the average cost of a single unit is $700. That is, however, only a rough estimate. There are several types, and brands of fillers and their costs vary widely. In addition, different aesthetic clinics charge differently.

single syringe may cost as low as $600, but you might also pay up to $800 or $1000. Another factor that greatly influences the price is the size of the area to be treated. The cost for correcting your forehead will obviously be higher than that of correcting your tear trough area.

If you are considering getting a filler injection, make sure you contact the clinic and request a quote before you go ahead with it. Look for an aesthetic practice that is transparent about its treatment costs and uses only FDA approved fillers.

Benefits and drawbacks of facial fillers


  • Dermal fillers provide an effective solution for treating fine lines, facial wrinkles, hollowness and other skin issues.
  • It is a very quick, minimally invasive procedure. It takes around 30 minutes and does not require special preparation, aftercare or long recovery.
  • It produces immediate results. You will see noticeable effects right after the treatment.
  • The fillers offer longer-lasting results, lasting one to two years. This makes them more cost-effective when compared to other skin rejuvenation treatments or products available on the market.


  • Although the dermal filler treatment rarely causes complications, there are still some risks that can occur. Some of the possible side effects are allergic reaction, infections, swelling, numbness, redness and others. In general, filler injections are believed to carry more risks than botulinum toxin injections.
  • You may need additional treatments when the fillers wear off.

What is botox?

botox injection in forhead

Botox is an injectable treatment used to eliminate dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles that appear as the result of facial expressions. The injection is made of a drug called botulinum toxin type A. Applied in proper amounts, and this drug can effectively erase the first signs of ageing, such as forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc. The mechanism of this treatment lies in the fact that Botox injections relax the muscles, or more precisely, they block the nerve signals that are sent to the muscles, thus causing expression lines to disappear.

Botox is one of the favourite treatments for celebrities who want to delay the effects of ageing. Throughout the years, its popularity has exploded so much that it transcends Hollywood and becomes the procedure of choice for most women.

How is a Botox procedure done?

An injection of Botox is performed with a thin needle. There is a slight discomfort at first, but it subsides quickly. In most cases, anaesthesia is not needed. This entire process only takes a few minutes; then, you can continue your daily routine. In order to get the best results, the procedure must be performed by a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon.

What is botox used for?

Botox injections are used to treat those wrinkles that are formed by repetitive facial expressions. These include:

  • horizontal wrinkles on the forehead
  • frown lines
  • crow’s feet
  • wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Botox or botulinum toxin is an easy and effective wrinkle reduction method. However, you need to make sure it is suitable for you. It might be not the best option for patients with deep scars, thick skin or weak facial muscles.

How much does Botox treatment cost in Singapore?

Botox is priced per unit. Individual units range from $10 up to $20. It is generally recommended that you get at least 20 units, no matter what area you are treating. Accordingly, Botox is regarded as an affordable procedure. However, the exact amount you will have to pay will depend on the area of treatment, the brand of botox used, and the aesthetic clinic you choose. Of course, more experienced plastic surgeons will charge more, but on the other hand, you can be sure that you are getting quality treatment.

Benefits and drawbacks of Botox


  • Botox is a quick and effective way to deal with lines caused by facial muscle contractions. Among its benefits are its ability to reduce crows feet, forehead wrinkles, bunny lines and so forth.
  • This is a minimally invasive procedure that takes only a few minutes to be done.
  • You don’t need to prepare for botox treatments or plan time for recovery. You can resume your normal daily routine immediately following the procedure.
  • It is generally cheaper than dermal filler treatment.


  • A Botox treatment does not produce very long-lasting results. The effect of the injection normally wears off within three or four months.
  • Similarly to dermal fillers, the Botox procedure is not without risks. It is possible to experience pain, bruising, redness, drooping eyelids or temporary weakness in the face.

Botox vs fillers: Which is better?

It really depends on your particular concerns, what types of wrinkles you have, and other factors. Below are some tips that may help you decide between Botox and dermal fillers. However, if you really want to know which treatment is more suitable for you, then consult a specialist.

  • Determine whether you have static wrinkles or dynamic wrinkles. Botox injections could be an option if your wrinkles only appear when you smile or frown. On the other hand, if the lines around your eyes or forehead do not disappear when your face is relaxed, you are probably going to need dermal fillers to get rid of them.
  • Have you lost volume in the facial region? Filler injections can easily solve your problem if it is related to volume loss and loss of skin elasticity.
  • Are you concerned about developing wrinkles? If you notice fine lines on your forehead when frowning or some lines around your eyes when smiling, then Botox is a good option for treating them. The treatment will help you prevent the formation of deep static wrinkles.
  • Do you have deep lines and wrinkles caused by a loss of collagen and volume? Combining both treatments, Botox and fillers, can be a great way to deal with them. The truth is that those two injectables work well when used together as they address both dynamic and static wrinkles.

Please note that there are some cases where Botox and fillers procedures are not advisable. For instance, people with certain health conditions may not be able to get such cosmetic treatments.

Final notes

Both Botox and dermal fillers are quick, straightforward, and effective cosmetic treatments that carry no serious risks. They can give you smoother skin and a younger appearance. However, botulinum toxin injection and filler injection have different purposes in terms of the types of wrinkles they can treat. Before going ahead with a treatment, you would want to make sure you choose one that will work for you.

A physician who has extensive experience in the field of aesthetic procedures would be the best person to help you make a wise decision. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and goals, and he or she will suggest the most appropriate treatment for you.

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