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Brow Lift vs Eyelid Lift

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As we age, we are often so focused on the eyes, cheeks, and lips that we forget the eyebrows. Yet, this is an area of cosmetic concerns too. Over time, the underlying muscles and soft tissues in that region weaken, which can shorten the distance between the brows and the eyelashes. This in turn gives us a sad or tired look.

Cosmetic surgery has found a way out of that via a procedure called a brow lift, or forehead lift. It helps to elevate the skin of the brow thereby improving the arch and removing excess skin. This post will elaborate on the procedure and compare it to upper eyelid surgery (often done for getting double eyelids).

Key Takeaways

  • A brow lift focuses exclusively on the eyebrows and forehead area, eliminating brow ptosis
  • Upper eyelid blepharoplasty affects only the eyelid skin
  • Brow surgery is more involved and is more expensive than upper blepharoplasty; some of the techniques include an incision alongside the hairline
  • Although brow lift procedures don't directly enhance the eye area, they can partially improve the skin between the brows and the eyelashes
  • The cosmetic surgery for a more youthful appearance is not without risks

What is a Brow Lift

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that enhances very low brows. There are different techniques to achieve this.

Endoscopic brow lift

One of the methods is an endoscopic brow lift. It calls the oculoplastic surgeon to make small incisions behind the hairline and then insert a microscopic camera on a tube. This lets them take a good look at the tissues and muscles in the area. After that, they can eliminate excess skin and anchor the skin with the help of sutures.

That way, the eyebrows are moved higher. In addition, forehead wrinkles can be addressed. When the process is over, the incisions are closed with stitches. A bandage is placed over the treatment area.

Direct brow lift

Then there is a direct brow lift where the surgeon can directly remove skin above the eyebrows without using the hairline. This technique works if you have bushy eyebrows.

There are other methods as well. Your plastic surgeon will decide which one is best for your case after assessing your brow situation and reviewing your medical history.

In total, the procedure takes 1-2 hours. The results are visible right away but due to the initial swelling, they may materialise a few days to weeks later.

What is the Difference Between Eyebrow and Eyelid Lift?

upper blepharoplasty surgery ptosis correction

As you can see, an eye lift can affect your hairline. Plus, it only improves the eyebrow area but it doesn’t enhance the eyes themselves. What you get is a refreshed appearance in the upper part of the face.

As far as upper eyelid surgery, or upper blepharoplasty, is concerned, the upper eyelid skin is manipulated in order to remove sagginess and rejuvenate the look. It can add an eyelid crease too. However, the brows remain the same. They are not enhanced in any way.

It’s worth noting that the two cosmetic procedures can be done simultaneously for instant facial rejuvenation in the lower and upper eyelids, as well as the brows. In that case, the same incision could be used for both treatments (unless the surgeon chooses to lift the forehead area through an incision behind the hairline).

Just like an eyelid lift, the results from a brow lift aren’t permanent, although are pretty long-lasting. Keep in mind that sun damage, bone structure, and ageing can eventually make your skin sag again.

Last but not least, with brow lifts, the work is done entirely on the upper face. But with blepharoplasty you have upper and lower eyelid surgery. The latter removes skin from the lower eyelids and eliminates under-eye bags.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift?

middle aged asian woman a good candidate for brow lift

The best candidates are people over the age of 40 who experience droopiness in the brow skin. Yet, this treatment can be carried out on younger patients as well. If your eyebrows are positioned lower, this could make you look tired or sad, affecting the way other people perceive you.

Brow lifts are not recommended when the arch of your eyebrows is naturally positioned higher since it might give you a surprised look instead of the rejuvenated appearance you are after.

In comparison, with upper eyelid procedures, you need to have sagging skin in the upper eyelid and it doesn't matter where your brows are positioned. If you lack a natural crease, this is the procedure that enables you to get it. It can also be used on the lower lids, or both at the same time.

Benefits of Brow Lift Surgery

  • Removes excess skin from the brow area
  • Restores the natural arch of the eyebrows
  • Reduces crow’s feet
  • Enhances sagging eyelids (but doesn’t alter them directly)
  • Refreshes the look and gives a more youthful appearance

Cost of Brow Lift vs Eyelid Surgery

A brow lift procedure falls within the $6,900-$7,700 price range.

Upper eyelid surgery costs about $5,000 or lower for a scarless eyelid lift.

The above estimates are exclusive of additional medical expenses such as clinical fees, anaesthesia, antibiotic treatment, other medication needed, and consultation. Another thing to take into account is the geographical area you choose.

Not to mention, the surgeon’s experience and the type of technique used affects largely the cost. There are various treatment options to try.

Before you proceed to have the brow or eyelid lift treatment, all of these fees will be discussed and you will be in the know. Speak to the staff if there is something you don’t quite understand about your new journey.

At Shens Clinic we also offer other services that may be of interest to you - Suprabrow lift and Infrabrow lift.

Risks of Brow Lifts

Every plastic surgery carries the risk of reaction to local anaesthesia, infection, and bleeding. In addition to that, a brow lift may cause:

  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Scarring
  • Hair loss or elevated hairline around the incision area
  • Brow asymmetry

Unless you go to a professional, there is a risk of the operator taking too much skin away, making for disastrous results. For this reason, opt for a skilled surgeon with detailed knowledge of eyelid function and facial anatomy.

How You Prepare

Before you go under the knife, the doctor will do a physical exam and measure your facial features, which will help them choose the right technique. They will have a look at your medical history to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment. You’ll go over the benefits and risks. This is the best time to mention any allergies you have or medications you are taking.

Once it’s clear that you are a good fit for brow lift surgery, you will discuss your expectations. You need to know what results you can achieve and how your skin will look post-op.

The plastic surgeon will instruct you to forgo certain medications and supplements prior to the session. You should quit smoking a week before your plastic surgery. Make sure to arrange for someone to take you home after you are discharged from the clinic.

Brow Lift Recovery

Just like with an upper blepharoplasty procedure, you should expect to have some mild swelling and bruising in the treatment area. Your skin may feel a little tight. It is recommended that you sleep with your head elevated and apply cold compresses over the eyebrows to counteract swelling.

You'll likely feel some itching at the incision site. If you have bandages on, expect to have them removed within 7 post-op. Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to care for the wound and what to watch out for.

You will be allowed to resume daily activities almost immediately but before you go back to work, consult with your healthcare provider on what’s best to do.

Which is Best for Me: Blepharoplasty or Brow Lift Surgery?

In order to find out if you are a good fit for either procedure, you need to consult a cosmetic surgeon and discuss your aesthetic preferences. If you have sagging eyelids and your eyebrow area looks good, it’s more likely you need upper eyelid surgery rather than a brow lift. Excess eyelid skin is not removed by the latter procedure.

On the other hand, if part of the reason your eyelids appear saggy is that you have low and sagging eyebrows, then your best bet would be to stick with eye brow lifts. The thing is, most patients don’t usually have a clear understanding of their unique case. They cannot make that decision on their own. This is where a qualified surgeon can help select the most suitable procedure.

See, this is a surgical intervention that provides dramatic results. Before you do anything, you have to be 100% certain that this is what you want and need. And that this procedure will bring out the best features instead of making you look worse.

Not to mention, there may be more than one solution for you based on your criteria. There are many cosmetic procedures beyond brow and eyelid lifts worth exploring. You may even not be aware of their existence. The surgeon can point you to all treatment options for a youthful appearance in no time.


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