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Breast Implants Change The Way You See Your Body

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While in certain cases, breast implants can boost woman self-esteem, in other cases it can let her down.

This article will help you get an insight on breast implant procedure. You may also refer to wikipedia articles on breast implants later.


Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures performed by top plastic Surgeons in Singapore. It is a chief step that women often take to increase their self-esteem, sexual satisfaction, and body image.

It can change your life in many beneficial ways. For instance, if you have asymmetrical breasts, the procedure can turn them into a pair of symmetrical boobs. Moreover, if you have undergone significant weight loss or have had a mastectomy, getting an augmentation will restore the shape back.

Breast Implants

Some women suffer from a medical condition known as Micromastia, under which young women fail to develop breasts. Thus, their chest looks like boy’s chest. On the other hand, there are some women whose chest grow asymmetrically and thus leave them with a red face.

Therefore, to get rid of all the irregularities, women often choose to go under the knife. Here they choose the surgery, to increase their confidence and to deal with body image issue. Every woman wants her body to look better in every type of clothes and this surgery gives her an easy way to look amazingly beautiful.

See a Qualified Surgeon

Before undergoing breast augmentation, make sure you have talked to a qualified surgeon who has complete knowledge of the process. The difference between getting the right treatment and a terrible one lies in the hand of the cosmetic surgeon. Therefore, doing due diligence on your part is important. You should not visit a surgeon just because he offers the service. It should be based on the experience and number of cases of breast augmentation he or she had performed. While breast augmentation is seen as a safe procedure, but in the hand of a novice, the surgery can have a seriously damaging effect.

The Emotional Journey

Some women are not happy with the way their body look and have a realistic approach toward the procedure. They have rational expectations from the surgery and want to deal with the body image issues practically. Well, after the procedure, their breast may look satisfying to their eyes, it will not have an effect on their self-esteem.

The procedure to get breast implants can also be an emotional one. Therefore, it is important to communicate with the doctor beforehand. Let the doctor know what exactly you want and how you want your breast to appear after the procedure.

Removing the Doubts on Your Post Results

It is often hard for a patient to imagine the results of their breast augmentation. Nobody likes to go for a procedure being unassured. A major concern of every woman when it comes to the resulting appearance, technology had come into play. There are several types of imaging system but each with their pros and cons. At Shen’s Clinic, we have a dedicated imaging room that produces a 3D Rendered image of the patient with their new breast implants. This virtual reality result will allow the patient to view their breast at infinite angle. This will help to manage the expectation of our patient by using the latest technology.

The Procedure Masks Bigger Problems in Life

Some people who suffer from self-esteem issues tend to have unrealistic expectations from the procedure. They want to go under the knife to attract more dates, change their lives rather than doing it to make their own selves happy. However, there is a large gap between real self and ideal self. So trust your judgment and choose to undergo the breast augmentation surgery only if you want to change the way you look for your own self.

The benefits aren’t just physical. According to surveys, women who performed breast augmentation tends to be more confident, happy and assertive. If you would like to know more about Breast Augmentation surgery, we would love to help. Schedule a cosmetic consultation today!

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