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Is breast enhancement right for me?

Is breast enhancement right for me

Breast augmentation remains to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. It is estimated that about 300,000 women are opting for breast implants. In Asia, breast enhancement surgeries have increased dramatically due to a growing number of women who are paying more attention to their physical appearance.

If you’re contemplating of getting your breasts enhanced, then here are the questions you may want to ask yourself first:

  • What’s What’s my reason for having breast augmentation surgery?

Women have different reasons for opting for breast enhancement. Some women do it to improve self-esteem. Research shows that women who had breast enhancement are reported to have significant improvement in their self-esteem. Although the surgery doesn’t cure underlying psychological issues, the surgery can bring a renewed sense of self-confidence and positive body image.

For some women, breast enhancement is their key to getting rounder and fuller look, addressing the issue of breast asymmetry, and for getting back their pre-baby body.

Whatever your reason may be for getting breast implants, it should be a result of personal choice and not merely out of someone’s influence or opinion.

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  • What kind of implants do I want?
    When choosing for breast implants, there are several factors that you need to consider; one is your body. Your height, weight, body frame, hip width, buttocks, and starting breast volume should be taken into consideration before deciding for breast implants. Clearly, someone who stands at 5’ who weighs 120 lbs will be needing a smaller implant compared to someone who stands at 5’6” and weighs 165 lbs.

    Other factors to consider including activity and implant style. Generally, bigger implants are not the ideal option for those who are into sports or active lifestyle. However, this still depends on one’s body profile.
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  • Another thing to consider is the implant style. Some surgeons make low, medium, and high profile implant styles. Each implant style has a different amount of projection and base diameter.

    In many cases, implant sizers (silicone gel implants) are used in the doctor’s office to give their patients an idea of what to expect after the surgery. As these implants tend to sit lower in the bra, you may want to ask help from your surgeon on how to try it.
  • Can I take some days off work?
    Breast enhancement recovery time is usually between 5 to 7 days. Unless your job involves manual labor, you can get back to work within a week after breast augmentation surgery. Although there are still precautions in doing certain activities, overall by this time, you will be in good enough shape to do your job.

    It can be more challenging though if you have your implants placed behind the muscle. Some women opt for this as it looks more realistic and there is less chance of scar formation. The only downside is that it may take longer for you to recover.
  • Am I aware of the risks involved?
    Like other medical procedures, breast enhancement also comes with certain risks. Aside from the typical surgery-related complications, breast enhancement may also risk your ability to breastfeed in the future especially if you have an areola incision. If you’re planning to breastfeed in the future, you should talk to your doctor about it. Some breast enhancement techniques still allow women to breastfeed.

    In breast enhancement, there is also a risk of losing your sensation in the nipples. This depends on some factors including the breast surgery type and breast shape.
  • Am I healthy enough?
    Unfortunately, breast enhancement is not for everyone. It’s not for those who have a family history of breast cancer and those who are obese and smoking. These things can increase one’s risk of surgery-related complications.
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  • Can I handle the cost?
    Breast enhancement is not a cheap procedure especially if you’re getting it from a highly reputable cosmetic surgeon. In Singapore, breast enhancement surgery can cost at least SGD$2,200.

Shens Clinic is one of Singapore’s leading cosmetic clinics. Breast enhancement is one of their signature procedures and can be safely carried out using tear drop implants or fat transfer.

For a no-obligation consultation, you can contact the clinic here.


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