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Why is Breast Augmentation Perceived as Bad?

Sometimes even the best things are perceived as bad if people don’t have proper knowledge about them. Breast augmentation also falls in this category. If you too feel that it is not worth spending your hard-earned money for breast augmentation surgery, this is for you.

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Here are a few things that led people to make the wrong assumptions.

Breast Implants History

Nowadays breast enhancement surgery uses high-quality silicone implants that allow easy internal gel diffusion. However, because of the previously used low-quality implants, people still suppose that today’s version is similar to the older models and are prone to rip apart.

The implants were designed with a rubber envelope, which encloses silicone gel. On the other hand, the second generations of implants were made slimmer to increase implants fluidity. Being thinner, it was prone to rip apart along with dispersal of the silicone gel. But not anymore as nowadays high-quality implants are used.

Improper Care

In some situations, people might have had negative experience not because of the breast implant, rather due to inappropriate handling and care of the implants or misinformation.

Women generally go under the knife to increase their self-confidence. However, if proper aftercare is not taken, they may fail to achieve satisfactory results. While breast augmentation is one of the most sought after cosmetic surgery, people still perceive it as bad.

Act Of Self Hatred

Getting breast augmentation is seen as an act of self-hatred. People often feel that their body is not attractive and thus they end up getting breast implants. However, this is not true. Everybody has right over their body and can do whatever they want with it. Rather than perceiving it as disrespect to other women who have small breast and don’t want to insert a foreign object into their body, Breast Augmentation should be seen as a surgery that gives people a chance to achieve a body they have always craved for.

All Implants Look fake

When breast implants became increasingly popular, a majority of women wanted big, bold and obviously enhanced boobs. However, the trend has changed over the years as now women want modest enhancement. With technological breakthroughs, a vast range of implants are available that allows a woman to achieve perfect results for her body type. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to achieve a natural-looking breast after the surgery as long as the correct implant is selected. The latest implant in the global market now can even flow and move according to the movement of the patient. For example, there are some silicon breast implants brands that offers soft and natural implants.

Implant Needs to be Changed often

One of the biggest concerns which made people believe that breast augmentation is bad is the fact that implants need to be changed after a few years. However, it is a misconception as if the implants aren’t leaking or you do not observe any tenderness around the breast, there is no reason to replace the implant. But being ignorant about the maintenance of the implants can decrease the life of the implants.

If you have cared properly for the implants, there are high chances that they will last a lifetime. While some negative comments are due to wrong assumptions, others are because of improper care. Therefore, instead of depending on hearsay, get in touch with a professional cosmetic surgeon to know every aspect in detail. You would be please to know there are people who consider Dr Shens to be the best cosmetic surgeon in Singapore offering various cosmetic procedures at affordable prices. You would love his Korean style short incision breast augmentation procedure.

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