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Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding: All you need to know

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While most women want to improve their looks and enhance their figures, they are, of course, not closing the doors to motherhood. This is where talks about the relationship between breast augmentation and breastfeeding usually take place. Most women are concerned if it will not pose any risk for the baby and for themselves should they choose to have breast enhancements.

Generally, breast augmentation does not affect the ability of a mom to nurse her baby. Most procedures now are keeping the natural breast tissues in front of the implant, placing it under the pectoralis muscle. Because of this technique, there will be no obstruction to the flow of milk from the gland through the ducts to the nipple.

There are studies showing that women who have had breast enhancements are more likely to encounter challenges, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t. Enhanced ladies may need to exert a little more effort than some mothers but they can still be able to accomplish their breastfeeding task.

If you are one of those women who had breast augmentation and is soon going to have a baby (or you’re planning to have but afraid that it may hinder your motherhood experience), here are some things that you need to know about breastfeeding:

Implants and Babies don’t harm each other

There is no need to stress about implants harming your baby and vice versa. It’s actually worrying that you need to worry. That’s the only thing that will hinder you from breastfeeding and nursing your baby. If your breast augmentation is worked on by a certified plastic surgeon and proper consultation and procedures were done, your breast implants will not cause any danger to your baby. But, if there were problems with your surgery and you’re experiencing discomfort and pain then it may affect your milk factories.

On the other hand, babies won’t harm your implants as well. Breastfeeding will cause sagging breasts after nursing your baby. Although it may be different for every woman, the implants will hold its shape and stay in place even after breastfeeding. The shape and size of your breast can be permanent after breastfeeding but it will not your implants.

Big or small, you can still nurse your baby

It’s natural that your breasts will grow bigger once you get pregnant. So if you have a smaller implant, there may be more joy when nursing your baby. But if you have bigger implants, there is a tendency that you may have extremely bigger boobs which can be very uncomfortable. Regardless, though, you will still be able to do breastfeeding.

Just like any other cosmetic surgery, it’s important to make sure that you will not overdo it. If you are planning to have a breast enhancement, choose the average size to make it look natural. In that way, you can still make room if in case you’re going to have a baby.

Keep pumping it all out

For the first weeks after your baby is born, it’s important to breastfeed them more. But of course, it will not always match by the time that your boobs get heavy with milk. So, the best way to avoid the ‘heavy’ feeling of your breast is to pump more milk. This will help you feel a little more comfortable and you can save the milk for later consumption as well.

There’s a strategic place to put the implants

For implants that were placed on top of your muscles chests, it will exert pressure on the glands and ducts and it may reduce milk production, and can also interfere with the milk flow. But placing it under the muscle gives more healthy glandular or breast tissue available for milk production.

Thus, make sure to inform your surgeon about your desire of having a baby in the future before getting breast augmentation.

The reason for your implant is important

If you only had your breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons, then you shouldn’t worry about nursing your baby. But, if your surgery was not for aesthetic reasons and it’s related to something with your health, then you should worry.

Points to ponder

Before going under the knife, make sure to tell your surgeon that you want to breastfeed in the future. That’s the first step in ensuring that you are not making any mistake. It’s also recommended to wait for 6 to 12 months after the operation before getting pregnant to the implant to completely settle.

Generally, there’s really nothing to worry about. Most women who got breast augmentation are still able to breastfeed after their surgery. The best option is to consult a team of experts prior to getting the procedure. And most especially, choose a trusted cosmetic surgeon to make sure that you are in good hands. Your breasts only deserve the best.

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