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All you need to know about double eyelid surgery

All you need to know about double eyelid surgery

Did you know that about 50% of Asians do not have double eye folds? So if you’re feeling blue about having to use eyelid tape to glue those lids together for that double eyelid effect, this guide is your 411 on most things related to blepharoplasty or commonly known as double eyelid surgery.

Double eyelids are basically formed when creases in the skin form attachments between the skin on the eyelids and the eyelid opening muscle. For those born with double eyelids, it means that these attachments are very much present and strong whereas those with single eyelids have absent or weak attachments. Those with weak or non-existent attachments could have other related issues such as double eyelids on one side and single on the other, multiple eyelid creases or uneven double eyelid crease heights.

While there are temporary methods that could get you what you want, they do not provide as consistent, defined or symmetrical a look that surgery would provide.  You may have tried and tested common non-surgical methods like tape or glue, plastic contraptions worn like spectacles or even machines which help to “create” double eyelids but these procedures, while painless, do have repercussions.

Glues or tapes which may help in creating those missing attachments, possibly after months or years of usage, also tend to bring about droopy eyelids because of excess skin. The ‘rolls’ that form over the eyelids become heavier and droop further, necessitating more glue or tape to hold the skin up. Machines that are meant for procedures such as the tightening of the eyelids will also not be as effective if used for creating double eyelids from scratch either. Consumers also run the risk of other complications if used inappropriately.

The Non-Incisional Method

Hence, we come to two more long lasting solutions for those coveted double eyelids. The non-incisional method, otherwise known as the ‘stitching’ or ‘suture’ method consists of four stitches through small puncture holes to hold up the folds. It is most suitable for young people with thin upper eyelids and without excess skin. For those with slightly thicker eyelids, fret not for some excess fat can be removed simultaneously through a small incision. With the advantage of faster recovery and an almost unnoticeable scar, some people have even compared blepharoplasty with getting a haircut.

The Incisional Method

The more permanent method would be the incisional method that involves making an incision along the intended folds. After the doctor has corroborated that the dimensions according to the patient’s preference are feasible, markings will be made on the eyelids. Once the incisions have been made and depending on the need to remove any excess skin, muscle or fat, the skin is then anchored to the levator muscle for those coveted double eyelids. Older patients have the option of having a more youthful appearance because when the surgery is carried out, excess fat that is sagging and covering the folds may be removed to reveal a natural-looking double fold.

Dr Shen’s years of experience and training in Korea has enabled him to modify his blepharoplasty technique for a longer crease with multiple anchor points. This niche procedure has benefitted over 1000 individuals in Singapore.

Blepharoplasty is not the only nip and tuck procedure available for the eye area. Medial and lateral epicanthoplasty, lower blepharoplasty (eyebag removal), upper eyelid lifts, Ptosis correction and infrabrow as well as suprabrow lifts are also common procedures that can and have been done together with upper eyelid procedures for a complete look - after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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