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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Fat Grafting for your Breast Augmentation

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Fat Grafting for your Breast Augmentation

More and more people are going for anything and everything natural for their beauty regimen. That’s why when it comes to body parts enhancements, it’s also good to consider a more natural procedure. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgeries nowadays and implants are always the immediate solution to that. But what most people are not aware of is that there’s an alternative way of enhancing your breast to make it look more desirable. It’s called Breast Fat Grafting.

Breast fat grafting is a process of transferring fat to the breast by first harvesting fat by liposuction from another part of the body like thighs or stomach, then transfer it by injecting into an area to add volume or correct deformity. Here are some points you can ponder on why you should consider fat transfer to breast for your breast augmentation.

All Natural Fillers

No foreign objects will be injected in your body. The entire procedure doesn’t use any synthetic materials. Because of that, it also avoids other risks such as rupture or capsular contracture. And since it’s all natural, there are fewer chances of allergic reaction. It’s just like putting your fats where it’s worthier.

Medically safe

Transferring of body tissues may sound scary at first but it’s safe. This procedure doesn’t use general anaesthesia. Thus, it has fewer side effects and more effective. About 50% to 80% of patients were able to permanently retain the transferred fat. With the help of an experienced plastic surgeon, you’re sure to be on the right track.

Quick Recovery

You’ll see results in a few days. The healing period may vary depending on your body’s condition, but it’s sure shorter than other procedures. And since the procedure is not using any artificial elements, you will not have a hard time going back to your daily activities. Feel more confident in no time.

Two benefits in one procedure

If you are transferring fats, it means you’re removing it from another part of the body. It only means one thing: you’ll also have liposuction. Thus, Breast Fat Grafting will give you two benefits in one procedure. It can definitely give you a boob boost and a fine body contouring at the same time. You can get a flatter belly, sexier thighs, and fuller breasts. Imagine that.

Better Results

If it’s natural and it has more benefits, it only means that it can give better results. Choosing Fat Grafting for your breast augmentation will result to a softer and smoother breast, compare to implants. More than that, the entire process leaves less visible scars. Most of the procedure is suctioning and insertions of cells. Thus, it only uses tiny incisions where the fat is harvested and injected.

But whether you want to have an implant or if you want a more natural way, it’s important to partner with a renowned surgeon. It’s still best to get yourself checked before deciding which procedure you should go for. To get a cup higher, set an appointment now and start your journey to a sexier body.

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