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5 ‘Must-Do’s Before And After A Liposuction Surgery

5 ‘Must-Do’s Before And After A Liposuction Surgery

Getting a liposuction surgery can be daunting and scary, especially for first-timers who are not aware of what to do or expect before and after the procedure. While your doctor will give you instructions before you undergo the surgery, here are some “must-do” tips you should take note of before and after a liposuction procedure.

  1. Find A Good Surgeon

Number one “must-do” before going for a liposuction surgery is to look for a certified surgeon -- most importantly one who specializes in liposuction procedures and has had a lot of experiences.

Getting a well-experienced surgeon will lessen the chances of having serious complications during and after the procedure. Getting an experienced surgeon may be more costly, but it will keep your mind at ease that the procedure will not go wrong.

  1. Anticipate Post-Op Effects

Before the procedure begins, it would be wise to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for the discomfort that comes after the procedure. You can expect bruising and swelling which will make moving around very difficult and painful. But this is normal post-op effects and should only last for a couple of days, so you should be prepared for these side-effects.

Plan out how you will deal with the post-op effects and ask friends and family to help you out as you recover. You will also be given pain medications by your surgeon to reduce the discomfort. Follow the doctor’s advice and make sure to report any unusual pain that you might feel.

  1. Get Your Compression Garments Ready

Whether you like it or not, wearing compression garments after a liposuction procedure is imperative. Compression garments help by providing support and comfort to the operated area and help the skin fit into its new form after the liposuction procedure. Compression garments also improve blood circulation and accelerate the healing process so you can return to your daily activities faster.

It’s important that you measure yourself properly for your compression garments to avoid unnecessarily long recovery time, or worsen swelling and other symptoms that will increase discomfort as you recover.

  1. Be Patient With The Final Result

After a liposuction procedure, it’s important to be patient. While you will see results after your surgery, this is not the final result and your body will still undergo changes. During the first few days, the swelling and bruising will heal, but it will take a few more weeks for your body to settle into its new shape.

During this downtime, it’s best to take things slow as your body gets used to having less fat and finally settle into its final shape.

  1. Remain Healthy After The Procedure

Liposuction does not give permanent results, and keeping to your old habits and lifestyle will undoubtedly end badly for your body in the long run. So it’s important that you make some lifestyle changes to avoid returning to your old body shape.

Regularly exercising, drinking water, and eating healthy meals will limit fat deposits from forming in your newly-shaped body and will ensure that your body remains in a form that you are happy and confident with.

Liposuction is a procedure that will significantly change your body’s shape. Because of the drastic change brought about by the surgery, it requires meticulous preparation and strong a dedication to maintaining your body in its ideal form.

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