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5 body areas that commonly undergo liposuction

5 body areas that commonly undergo liposuction

5 body areas that commonly undergo liposuction

There’s nothing wrong with having fat in the body. But if you’re dealing with excess fat that won’t go away no matter how much you try, then it becomes stressful, annoying, and damaging to a person’s self-esteem and image.

Stubborn fat can be a hereditary trait and often settle at specific parts of the body. Undergoing liposuction is one way to solve this excess fat problem.  Liposuction helps remove these unwanted fat around the body to help you achieve the body shape you dream of. Here are 5 body areas that commonly undergo liposuction:

  1. Legs

Legs are one of the fat depositories of the body, meaning that this is one of the areas in the body where excess fat is deposited. Fat is often deposited by the body to the thighs, affecting both the front and back thigh area. This is one reason why thighs appear fuller and bigger than the rest of the body, despite doing regular exercise, when there is stubborn fat involve.

  1. Hips

The hips is also another fat depository area of the body, and mostly affect women. When excess and stubborn fat accumulate around the hips, it makes the hips look weird as it sticks out and makes the hips look bigger than the rest of the body, affecting the appearance of the body as a whole. This is what is known as “mom hips” which many women fear having.

  1. Back

If women have legs and waist as common fat depositories, the back area is most common for men. As excess fat begins to build up in the body, most of it would be deposited in the lower back area of males, affecting even the waist. When there is too much fat in these areas, they tend to sag, giving it an unattractive appearance. There are a few exercises that target the back area, but doing these exercises too much can be very strenuous to the back muscles.

  1. Neck
woman with neckache

Excess fat around the neck area can be very troubling in terms of appearance and health. When stubborn fat accumulates around the neck, it starts to look swollen and a “double chin” starts to form. Having a “double chin” is often associated to being obese and overweight, and can sometimes attract negative attention. Fat in the neck area is also often associated with having high cholesterol or diabetes.

  1. Buttocks
woman in underwear clutching a buttock

The butt is a very common fat depository, and one that can attract both good and bad attention. While many women aspire to have big buttocks, it becomes a problem when the butt gets too big that it looks inconsistent with the rest of the body. Having a big butt can also attract unwanted attention, and be a problem when looking for clothes that fit properly.

While regular exercise and proper diet is important in order to avoid building up fat around the body, sometimes there are just some excess fat that don’t disappear, leading to all kinds of trouble in appearance and health. When you encounter problems like these, having a liposuction is the best option.

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