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4 ways to make your breasts appear bigger and fuller

4 ways to make your breasts appear bigger and fuller

There are many different reasons why women want to have bigger and fuller breasts: for some, it’s a way of getting back their old breast size after breast volume is lost due to pregnancy; while for others, it’s a means to wear clothes that would generally be hard for them to wear in their current body structure.

No matter what the reason, it’s normal to want a nice and attractive figure to help boost one’s confidence and self-esteem. If you’re looking to make your breast appear bigger and fuller, here are some ways you can do just that.

  1. Exercise Your Upper Pectoral Muscles
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One method that some people will give you to help make your breast appear bigger is by doing exercises that focus on your upper pectoral muscles. Push-ups and inclined chest presses are some exercises that focus on toning the upper pectoral muscles to make your breast more firm and appear bigger. While this might be a natural way of increasing your breast size, it takes tremendous exercise and a very long time to see results, making it highly impractical. Another downside to this method is doing exercises that tones the lower pectoral muscles could decrease the size of your breasts.

  1. Having a Proper Diet And Eating Food with Breast-Enhancing Properties
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Another method used to increase breast size naturally is by eating food that helps in breast development. Herbs like Fenugreek and Blessed thistle imitate hormones used in breastfeeding, while apples and rice are rich in Estrogen, the female hormone that helps in breast development. Like exercising, this method takes a while to see significant results. Scientific studies on this method are also limited without concrete scientific proof that certain food groups increase breast size.

  1. Use a Push-up bra
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Unlike ordinary bras, push-up bras are designed to add more lift to breasts, making them appear bigger and fuller. Push-up bras have strong underwire supports and specifically designed cups to help give breasts a lift; the cups also have specially-made pads that help provide a center cleavage to create an illusion of having bigger breasts. These pads are either sewn into the bra or could be removable.

Push-up bras may provide faster results than doing exercise and diet, but it’s not permanent. Without the push-up bra, the breasts will just fall to its normal state. Push-up bras also don’t help make the form of the breasts permanent, so it’s just a temporary fix.

  1. Korean Style Short Incision Breast Augmentation

Despite all the other options, breast enhancement is still the best option for making breasts appear bigger and fuller. The results of a Korean Style Short Incision Breast Augmentation is long-lasting, fast, and without visible scars.

The procedure requires inserting a breast implant under the breast muscles to lift the breasts and increase breast size along with enhancing its shape. The procedure does not last long, and results appear immediately after surgery and can last for 10 years or more depending on the implant used. Downtime for the procedure has also improved greatly, so it won’t take long for you to recover from the surgery.

Having bigger and fuller breasts is something many women aspire for, especially for those who want to have a better image of themselves. Trying the methods mentioned above might be just what you need to achieve the body you always dreamed of.

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