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4 ‘Must-dos’ Before and After Breast Augmentation

4 ‘Must-dos’ Before and After Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is a life-changing procedure: it can improve a person’s self-image and confidence, or help reconstruct damaged breast due to accidents. Whatever the case, breast augmentation, when done properly, can greatly help women project themselves better.

But like any other surgery, there are dangers when one undergoes breast augmentation. So it is always best to know what to do before undergoing the surgery and what to do after the surgery to ensure best results. Here are some things you’ll need to remember before and after the procedure:

Before the surgery:

  1. Do search for the best cosmetic surgeon available to you

Searching for the best cosmetic surgeon is perhaps the most important thing to do before having a breast augmentation because you will be talking to your surgeon even after the operation is done.

When searching for a cosmetic surgeon, avoid picking your preferred surgeon based on price, as this might compromise your safety and health. Make sure that the surgeon you pick is a qualified surgeon with lots of experience in the field of surgery and breast augmentation. Researching their track record and achievements will also help you decide which surgeon is best suited for you.

  1. Do follow the surgeon’s instructions before the procedure

Before undergoing the surgery, your doctor will ask you to avoid specific activities to help ensure that you have a successful surgery and reach the best results after the surgery is over.

Some instructions that surgeons give would be to avoid smoking a few weeks before the operation, and drinking multi-vitamins or blood thinning medication to avoid profuse bleeding during the surgery.

After the surgery:

  1. Do avoid Strenuous exercise for 2-4 weeks

The procedure usually takes one to two hours under general anesthesia, but the implants would settle only after a few weeks later, reaching the final result of the operation.

During this time, patients will be asked not to doing strenuous within the first few weeks to avoid jeopardizing the result of the surgery. Since muscles in the area operated are still bruised from the operation and the breast implants have not settled with the surrounding muscles, doing strenuous activity early will add damage to the muscles and even on the implants. Patients, however, will be asked to do certain exercises to help relax the muscles during the recovery period.

  1. Do keep in touch with your surgeon

Your surgeon will be your life-long friend. Even years after the operation, you will need to keep in touch with your surgeon in case you want to have your breasts implants change when they start to sag over time.

Another reason you will need to keep in touch with your surgeon is because certain complications might arise throughout the years after the operation. Sometimes implants will silently rupture and will need to be replaced.

A successful breast augmentation surgery will have a largely positive effect on women’s image and self-confidence, but it’s important that they do their part in ensuring that they get the safest and best result from the operation.

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