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4 misconceptions about double eyelids

4 misconceptions about double eyelids

In recent years, Korean double eyelid surgery has been getting a lot of popularity, especially in many Asian regions like Korea, Japan, and even Singapore to a certain degree.

While having a double eyelid surgery helps correct drooping eyelids and create a desirable aesthetic look around the eyes, it has been subjected to a number of myths and misconceptions which covers up the real benefits of the surgery. We've written more about the ptosis risk factors and how to mitigate them.


Below are some of these misconceptions and the truth behind them:

  1. It’s An Attempt To Westernize Asian Eyes

This is one of the most popular and widely-heard misconceptions about the double eyelid surgery. Because many Asians are naturally born with no eyelid crease (this is known as single eyelid) having a double eyelid surgery is a “cultural rejection” and an attempt for Asians to look “more western”.

While this may seem like true, many surgeons have disproved this misconception. Double eyelid procedure is not about rejecting one’s culture or trying to appear more “westernized”, it is about enhancing and actuating the eyelids to bring out the aesthetics of the eyes.

  1. It’s For Women Only

Another misconception about double eyelid surgery is that the procedure is strictly for women only since it’s meant to enhance the beauty of the face, which is the concern for many females undergoing this procedure.

However, that is not the case: men can also undergo double eyelid surgery just like women. Double eyelid surgery is performed mainly to remove excess skin, muscle, and fat in the upper eyelid, which many Asian men also suffer from. Creating a crease on the eyelid and enhancing beauty is simply a result of the procedure but is not the main purpose of the procedure.

  1. Double Eyelid Surgery Is Just A Cosmetic Procedure

Many still believe that double eyelid surgery is only for beauty and does not have any beneficial purpose. While a majority of those having this kind of surgery is after the aesthetic results of the procedure, double eyelid surgery has other beneficial purposes.

Double eyelid surgery can reduce the amount of loose skin on the upper eyelid, making it easier to open the eyes wider. Excess skin on the upper eyelids might cause a shortened field of vision, weakening one’s ability to see properly. In such cases, a double eyelid surgery will be beneficial for both a better field of vision and a more enhanced look.

  1. Blepharoplasty Helps Fix Sagging Eyebrows

Lastly, many are also misled to believe that a double eyelid surgery is a solution to correcting sagging eyebrows. This procedure, however, does not deal with the eyebrows and only corrects the eyelids.

Another procedure, known as an “eyebrow lift” is needed to help correct sagging eyebrows. This procedure is done by removing excess skin in the eyebrow area to reposition the eyebrows. Some cosmetic clinic allows both procedures (Double eyelid surgery and a brow lift) to be done together.

Falling for these misconceptions can make one very anxious to undergo the surgery, especially those hear these misconceptions from friends or family. By knowing the truth behind them, those who wish to undergo double eyelid surgery can have a more informed decision and reap the benefits the surgery can provide them.

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