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3 Benefits of Double-Eyelid Surgery

3 Benefits of Double-Eyelid Surgery

Having a double-eyelid is a growing trend in Asia, especially for those who look up to the beauty of the westerners. And that’s why double-eyelid surgery has become a highly-demanded medical procedure among many Asian countries.

The reason for the growing trend is because a large majority of Asians do not have a natural fold above the lashes, while those who live in the west like Americans and Europeans generally have the fold. Most of the time, double-eyelid surgery is done to make one look more “western”, but here are 3 other differences of double-eyelid surgery;

Enhances Appearance

The eyes play a key part in one’s appearance, often drawing the eyes of other towards the face. With a double-eyelid, this characteristic is enhanced and improves the appearance of the face as whole. Having a double eyelid can also make one’s face look more youthful in appearance.

A large number of Asians naturally do not have a natural fold on the upper part of their eyes, making it appear flat. Having a double-eyelid surgery helps reduce the flatness of that area by adding a crease. There are many orientations of a double eyelid crease, but it’s best to have one that help complement the other features of the face.

Gives more expression to the face

Another reason why undergoing a double-eyelid surgery is beneficial is because it helps give an appearance of being more expressive and alert.

Having a no crease on the eyelids often gives the expression of having sleepy or droopy eyes, making it hard for others to know if one is genuinely interested or not. This is especially important for those who needs to project themselves at work or those who needs the help of facial expression to convey their message.

Having a double-eyelid is also helps when applying eye make-up, since it’s very difficult to shade the eyes area without the double-eyelids.

Better Symmetry of the eyes

There are also some cases where the eyelids are uneven: one eye has a clear crease on the eyelids, while the other eye does not. This could be due to an accident or it could be a hereditary trait passed on from ancestors. Whatever the case may be, it could be a cause of low self-confidence because of the unevenness of the appearance of the eyes, with one looking significantly bigger than the other.

Cases like this is one clear example of the benefits of having a double-eyelid surgery. Undergoing a double-eyelid surgery can help make the eyes become symmetrical by adding a similar eyelid crease on the eye that does not have a crease, helping it appear big and wide.

While the common misconception of undergoing a double-eyelid surgery is simply to appear more “western”, that is not the only purpose of the surgery. The aim of a double-eyelid surgery is not to make one look more “western”, but to give opportunities for one to be more expressive with their eyes and give them self-confidence.

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